Collective Presencing - Belgium, date to be decided, 2016

Inviting the Future into the Room

Letting go – Letting Come

We invite you for a journey, a 4-day collective inquiry, a full immersion into collective presencing.

This training is postponed till a later date, but it is surely not cancelled!!!

Collective Presencing, is a new practice and a conceptual framework for people/leaders

  • who believe new capacities are needed in these challenging times
  • who understand the power and importance of connecting to the emerging future
  • who realise that our combined subtle sensing and inner knowing is needed for reaching collective clarity

Building on Theory U and Presencing (by Otto Scharmer), we will collectively focus and dive deep into the profound experience of the phase of letting go – letting come, where we learn to be at ease with not-knowing yet; as an opening to novel insights and emergence.

The limiting factor of transformational change is not a lack of vision or ideas, but an inability to sense - that is, to see deeply, sharply, and collectively. - Otto Scharmer


We invite anyone who is a leader – leading in some way in life and/or work -

  • to explore their authentic call in life
  • and aiming for systemic innovation beyond personal gain
  • seriously looking how to access emergence of the truly novel

We expect that you know (and use?) Theory U as a powerful framework and Presencing (and/or any kind of mindfulness) as a crucial practice.


Many of us have these questions:

- What is the essence of what happens in the phase of letting go - letting come? And how can we host it, how to invite others in?

- How deep is the depth of letting go? What is the paradigm shift that is needed in this process; what are its consequences?

- How do I/we guide our selves and others through this process resulting in sustainable transformation?

- How do the personal and the collective relate, and the individual and the systemic? and how to combine attention on all these levels?

… and hope to:

- embody the letting go – letting come as a life practice that inspires your work as a leader at all times

- understand the paradigm shift needed for this process of emergence on all levels (physical + emotional + mental + spiritual)

By who?

Ria Baeck

I am always driven by the deep belief that ‘there is more potential to manifest’, in individuals, in teams, in systems. Collective Presencing, as a practice and framework came out of this belief, building on years of experience with Circle Practice, Systemic Constellation work, Art of Hosting and Theory U.


Julie Arts

I am working internationally in change, innovation and leadership. The red thread is the collective inquiry in the transition from ego to eco. In 2014 I started working for the Presencing Institute.


Collective Presencing is a model, but above all it is a collective practice, embodied in many different ways and aligned inside and out. The approach in this training will mirror that diversity by addressing the intelligences of our heads, hearts and hands, both individually and collectively. The techniques and methods used will be touching into both the tangible and the intangible, by exploring movement, dialogue, arts, silence, nature, models, ….

Our process will explore Collective Presencing by moving slowly and consciously through the different phases of the U: co-sensing, co-presencing, co-creating; with emphasis on the co-presencing.


Practical: We aim for minimum 10, maximum around 20 participants. The course will be in English, translation into Dutch is possible.

Dates: Dates following soon!!!  From Sunday .... 2016 at 2 pm till Wednesday ..... at 2 pm (lunch included)

Location: Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren, Weg op Halen 2, 3450 Geetbets - Belgium; 011/696875

Costs **:

  • Organisations and consultants: 1298,- € excl.  VAT
  • Individuals & students: 998,- € excl. VAT
  • If the price is a too big hurdle to take, please start a conversation with us! (see emails below)

* Including all costs: facilitation, organization, course materials, all meals, coffee, tea, water, snacks and your full stay at the Heerlijckhyt; excl. all drinks/snacks from the bar (evening) and espresso coffee.

* Accommodation is based on room sharing. Supplement single room is 136€ for 3 nights, excl VAT. But single rooms are limited, so register soon!

Registration and more information:

Send an email to or and you will receive a registration form. Your registration will be final after paying the advance of 250€.

Contact details

Julie Arts       tel: +32 473-314316, email :

Ria Baeck tel: tel: +32 473-502176 email:


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