Summerschool - Art of Commoning - 25-27 aug.'15

Our central question:

"What becomes possible when we harness our collective capacity in service of the commons?"

25 - 27 August 2015WeCreate, Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Tipperary, Ireland



Many roads lead to the commons: the collaborative economy, open culture, technology and knowledge sharing, shared meaning-making, protecting biodiversity, seed saving, our natural resources, and more.

As “commoners” we practice engaging with others to create impact that lasts longer and is more sustainable than anything we can accomplish on our own. Together we maintain and govern the infrastructures that benefit the public as a whole and beyond.

We invite you to join us in shared inquiry for a 3-day gathering in beautiful rural Ireland.


The core of our inquiry centres on the following questions:

• What becomes possible when we harness our collective capacity in service of the commons?

• How can the commons, peer-to-peer and participatory approaches support the transition to a more sustainable way of life?

• Can we create livelihoods through co-operatives that enrich and sustain the commons?

• How can a commons-based collaborative economy strengthen the resilience of our communities?


What should you expect?

The Summer School will be grounded in the actual practice of collaboration and finding synergies. Some theoretical input, both on P2P and Art of Hosting, will also be offered - mostly in short modules. New developments in P2P will be shared by Michel Bauwens and Kevin Flanagan, Art of Hosting models and practices by Davie Philip and Ria Baeck. The overall aim is to balance and integrate concrete learning outcomes for all.

Coming from P2P, explorations are likely to cover topics such as new forms of cooperative enterprise, P2P money, crowdfunding, open value accounting, P2P legal developments, etc. Coming from AoH, you will learn how to better design conversations that invite full participation and engagement.

This event builds on the experience of the Art of Hosting event (, held in autumn 2014 in Montréal and the Open Everything Collaborative Economy Convergence held in Ireland in September 2014.


Who is this for?

If you are a citizen, student, entrepreneur, cultural worker, adult educator, facilitator of change, coach or working with your local community and wanting to develop collaborative and participatory practices to empower social change and steward resources, then this Summer School is for you. No matter your level of experience, or area of interest and activity, you are sure to take home many new insights and practices for your own commons project whatever it is about! Not to mention new friends and transformative experiences.


Extended 5-day

If 3 days seem too short for such an adventure you are welcome to come a day early (Monday Aug. 24). The Ecovillage (see below), Ireland and all these inspiring participants offer much to discover and learn from. You can also stay a day longer (Friday Aug. 28). We know from experience that these gatherings start with connecting and bringing our questions to life while the gatherings afterward give space for further synergies to emerge and make for a smoother transition for your own next steps. Of course you can also enjoy some leisure time and explore the countryside!


Unique Setting for the Summer School

The summer school will be held in the new WeCreate Workspace in Cloughjordan Ecovillage, winner of Ireland's national Green Community award and also the UN backed International Award for Liveable Communities. 

In this setting, you will be able to see many commons initiatives and key sustainable community systems in working practice and hear the stories of people seeking to play their part in the transition to a low carbon society.

Cloughjordan is a vibrant, rural village where progressive projects have been successfully integrated into a traditional local community. The Ecovillage offers a rich environment for learning about the mainstreaming of sustainability and progressing a commons approach. Of course the ecovillage also has its challenges, and contributing to its ever-developing life will provide another opportunity for learning unexpected things by doing.

The blending of people with different skills and backgrounds, from within the peer-to-peer, commons and sustainability movements and the community of practitioners of the Art of Hosting offers unprecedented opportunities for learning and the emergence of novel synergies. Sharing our practices, knowledge and experiences within the setting of the emerging ecosystem of innovation that is the Cloughjordan Ecovillage will offer many great benefits for individuals, communities and beyond.


Food and Accommodation

Accommodation is available in Djangos Hostel (+353 87 256 9348), locally in the Ecovillage. B&B options are also available, contact philippa@ for a list.

Lunch is included in the fee and dinner is available in a number of venues within walking distance of the venue.


Participation Fee

There are only 40 places available for this event and full participation in the 3 days is required. We know that participants for this gathering come from different economic backgrounds and we have different rates to reflect this diversity; also because we need to create a balance where those who can afford it pay the higher rates so that others with less financial possibilities can participate.

There is an early bird rate for bookings made before June 30th and we need 15 participants to have registered and paid before this date to make this event work! If you wish to attend please register right away.
Standard Fee: €380*/ early bird by June 30th: €340
Low Income Fee: €340*/ early bird by June 30th: €310
* Depending on registrations there will be a limited amount of bursary options available.

Pay via Paypal


This gathering is co-organised and co-created by the following groups who are deeply engaged in service to the commons:

The Peer-to-Peer Foundation (P2PF) are a global network of activists and researchers dedicated to advocacy and research of peer to peer dynamics in society. The Peer to Peer Foundation explore P2P in its broadest sense. The Collaborative Economy, the Sharing Economy, Free Libre Open Source Software,  Creative Commons, Open Design, Maker Spaces, Coworking, FabLabs, Crowdfunding, all represent the seeds of a new paradigm and a transformative  vision for the  future where participation, collaboration and cooperation are at the heart of our economy and society.

The P2PF maintain a comprehensive directory of P2P projects and practices at

Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter (AoH) is an integral set of practices that elicits  the collective wisdom and capacity of groups to self-organise in creative, constructive, humane ways. The ability to convene and connect people, locally and globally, empowers communities to self-organise around their interests, to share experiences and produce valuable knowledge resources and commons at scales previously only possible through hierarchical and capital-intensive, command-and-control economies. It is also a fast-growing, self-organised globe-spanning network that hosts conversations in all parts of society that lead to novel insights and wiser actions.

Cultivate Living and Learning is managed by the Sustainable Ireland Cooperative, which designs and facilitates learning journeys, hosts training in community resilience and offers courses in Permaculture and innovation. A current focus of Cultivate is catalysing community ownership in Ireland through cooperatives.

WeCreate Workspace is based in the Community Enterprise Centre of the Ecovillage and features a FabLab makerspace and coworking area supporting a focus on community resilience and sustainability through the lens of fabrication and technology.

Cloughjordan Ecovillage is an award-winning sustainable community now featuring fifty-five households, three NGO’s, and over ten businesses, including a CSA community farm farm, community woodlands, research gardens, an award winning bakery and an eco-hostel.


More Information

Contact Davie Philip davie@ or Kevin Flanagan kevin@

Invitation to download: PDF Brochure


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