Hosting collective healing spaces

We invite you as a colleague working in social change work,

to a free, deep-diving collective inquiry on hosting collective healing spaces.


Those working to create healthy life-sustaining communities and systems recognize that without tending to, understanding, and healing the deeper roots of destructive patterns, our ability to bring in a new story will be held back. Patterns of violence, oppression, and separation go back centuries, as does the pain and trauma they create. How might we unblock some of the historic and collective trauma to get to the full human potential and the real innovation in social change work?


We invite you to a two upcoming interactive webinar calls on Tuesday, April 28 and on Wednesday, May 30th to explore:


Hosting collective healing spaces

Building the capacity to witness and work with collective trauma – in order to get to collective innovation and emergence.


This inquiry started in 2014 with 5 of us (Judy Wallace, Katie Boone, Beth Tener, Madeline Snow and myself) with some conference calls on how to link the essentials of Art of Hosting and Systemic Constellation Work. From here came the idea to put together a gathering/training in 2015 (but not scheduled yet.)


In Nov and Dec’ 2014 we had two calls that began the inquiry with several dozen friends from the US and Europe. We discovered real interest and passion for exploring how to host collective healing spaces that don’t hold the old patterns but foster collective healing and wholeness. These conversations led us to now explore several dimensions in greater depth. Now we are ready to invite more people into this shared inquiry! (2nd round of inquiry)


Details about each conversation:

Each call will be hosted via MaestroConference– webinar software that will enable us to share ideas both in small groups and with everyone in the whole group.


Tuesday April 28 from 1pm - 3pm EDT (7pm - 9pm CET)

In this call, we will explore:


What are the blind spots that we need to examine in order to foster and host the conversations we long to have about collective wounding and healing?


We look to gather more learnings and questions that can help us foster and expand hosting a field of collective healing.


Wednesday May 20  from 1pm - 3pm EDT (7pm - 9pm CET)

In this call, we will explore:


What if collective trauma is not a problem to be solved, but rather gifts and possibilities that we have in front of us?


We hope you can make it for both calls, but you can attend only one if that fits your schedule. These two calls of shared inquiry could stand as a pre-program to the gathering/training, or as a stand-alone inquiry into this new field.


If you are interested in joining April 28, register here.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a Google doc where we will take notes during the call.


The hosting team will be half an hour early, feel welcome to join so that we can start on time!


We are offering both calls for free, but we would like to build up some sponsorship funds for the gathering/training later in the year, so we invite some donations here.



With love,

Ria Baeck

with Judy Wallace, Katie Boone, Beth Tener, Madeline Snow and Amy Lenzo


More background information below:


Purpose of the 2 rounds of shared inquiry:

 to learn from experiences and gather stories from participants about boundaries, limits, challenges and innovation in social change work

 to share our intentions in creating a training/gathering to explore emerging tools and practices

 to explore interest in developing new capacity in leading systemic change

 to help us deepen our inquiry and ultimately the design of the training

 to get a sense of the potential that we are supporting to emerge


Purpose of the in-person training/gathering, as we now understand it.



  • some social issues don’t seem to get solved, no matter what kind of tools and methods we use
  • the way social change work is set up and structured creates boundaries that prevent deep healing and real innovation
  • we are in need of conversations, tools and methods that help us work at a systems level and will lead to social and collective innovation
  • we don’t know how to deal with issues that have a (very) long historic background
  • it is very difficult to stay grounded and present in the face of a lot of anger, hate, war, injustice
  • places seem to hold a memory, and how to integrate that in our work
  • we are called now to collectively hold more of what humanity is or does


This training/gathering will bring you:

  • experience and immersion in some powerful tools for engaging a group in understanding the dynamics of a system and how trauma plays out in that, for example, deep Circle Work and Systemic Constellation Work
  • tools and insights around healing on the collective and systemic level
  • deeper insights on how individual and collective trauma relate and can block us from connecting to each other and block the system from connecting to itself
  • the personal capacity to witness and to stay present with the intensification of war and injustice, in order to not re-act, but to find and anchor innovative next steps
  • opportunities to learn by doing and practice in applying these tools and insights to the systems and challenges of you and the other participants


For all people working in and with social change; trying to make the world a better place. (people working in social/racial justice work, community organizers and activists, large scale systems change; using a variety of tools: Art of Hosting, Open Space Technology, Circle Work, Deep Democracy, Dragon Dreaming, Theory U, and many, many more)


A training and collective inquiry where:

  • Circle work (and Art of Hosting conversations that matter)
  • Systemic Constellation Work (building on Family constellations and Organisational Constellations)
  • and Trauma Work (building on Somatic Experiencing)

meet in service of collective and social healing.


Training in two parts: a 5-day training (with an option to come only for the first part)

Possible design:

First part: 2 days: experience and immersion in the topic, in deep Circle Work and Systemic Constellation Work

(maybe with a half day or evening off in between?)


Second part: 3 days:

  • diving deeper into collective healing
  • learn more about the link between individual and collective trauma
  • practice the tools yourself
  • invent and develop applications for your own context

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