Complexity. How to surf it?

July 5, 2016 - Brussels

Julian Still, a natural teacher and storyteller will invite us deep into the world of complexity. (as part of the Cynefin framework, see image)

Because complexity is amazingly enriching! One reality isn’t enough anymore!
But we cannot plan or manage complexity instead we need to learn to navigate - or surf - it. We haven’t learned to look through the complexity lens in school, or in our mainstream society. This day is your opportunity to learn to apply it for your work and life!

This day will offer a bit of teaching, and lots of involvement, immersion into the model using all of our senses.
Some questions that will guide us:
- Why exactly do we use participatory and emergent methodologies?
- What has complexity to learn us about harvesting well from these processes?
- How do we build knowledge when everything is so complex?
And your unique questions are welcome too!

* Registration, via Google forms, here.

* FoAM, Koolmijnenkaai 30-34, 1080 Brussels
* Welcome at 9.30, with coffee and tea! Start at 10.00 and end around 16.00u.
* Please bring something to share for lunch (ktichen available).

* Language: English, Dutch, French - all welcome!!! we will find a way to understand each other!
* Costs on shared economy model - we will provide a budget with all the costs (by email), and you can then decide your self what you pay.