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WMtE13 – Resonance in the field

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Checking my email during this gathering I was struck by the messages that would fit right in with what was happening in our field. So, one morning, or maybe after a break, I was reading them to the other participants. They speak about the listening, the silence and the stillness, the witnessing and even the cooking! For you to enjoy too!

Posted on Facebook by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura:

Every line of thought I pursued in coherent theory-making always revealed at the end its inherently nonsensical nature, for in the process of developing my thought my make-sense-ability also seemed to develop to a higher level. Every time echoing Ludwig Wittgenstein I utter the sentence, “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must pass over in silence” (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Proposition 7) and then restart a new line of thought. Thus the goal of thought disappears and the process becomes the purpose—the process of ever-deeper open engagement with Being, which is what Thinking is.

Posted by Hala, a dear friend of Women Moving the Edge, living in Lebanon:

the best words are the silent ones which express more fully what no word can express ~ it is in this expansive silence and gift that I close my day, which started with “preporate” – making me stop and feel that a new language is present to host our connections and relational fields ~ with deep gratitude to all who contributed, participated and joined physically or by heart in bringing life form celebration moments to nSite and moving me into this expansive silence and gift ~

And some more by Hala:

the fullness came through the fullness of the witnessing and the fullness of the collaborative cooking process, and the celebration of both by sharing moments of eating delicious foods collectively spread on the tables in the space

WMtE13 – Wild again…

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

We took a long lunch pause to let this rich content sink in and let it digest a bit. We were mostly in silence and on our own. We reconvened on the screened-in porch. In the morning we had gathered in the living room, then the sun had called us out in front of the house after the break, but by noon it had already become too hot!

The porch is a bit long and narrow for a circle of seven chairs, we were sitting more in an oval, than a circle. Not much was spoken… long stretches of silence unfolded…

The morning had brought the realization of the importance and simple act of “I see you.”; which brought back the deep realisation from a constellation in a previous Women Moving the Edge gathering, where the representative of Earth has said: “The simple act of witnessing me, is amplifying my resilience.”

In the silence I was musing on all of this.





What if we remove fixed boundaries and witness the essence?

What if we replace identity with uniqueness?

Authenticity doesn’t seem to need a fixed boundary to be in a relationship or in resonance…

This was all going on in my thinking, but energetically, in my body, a shifting was going on, a recalibration in my cells and energy system to our new understanding. I had to lay down to let the energy doing its thing.

B. called for movement, felt a need to stretch her body, as if her body needed to expand. She invited all of us to do the same. The circle disappeared in silence and each of us was following the energy in her body as natural as we could… some silent, some little noises made, some deeper breathing, some responding to sounds of birds and insects outside.

Again it was silent for a long time. Eventually, we ended up sitting and laying in a half circle, all facing outwards, in total connection – communication – resonance with nature around us, so present and close, with only the veil of the screen of the porch.

There were tree frogs telling a story,

then they were listening.

We were listening,

then listened to.

Witnessing going on in all directions.

I could sense ‘the collective’ of the forest becoming more present – almost tangible – than the individual trees.

Because we were, as a collective, witnessing the whole?

It was magic.

More silence.

It was amazing, fascinating and not anything I had experienced before. We were all in awe for what happened.

We came into rapport with nature,

as embodied human beings.

We reconnected with our indigenosity,

we wove ourselves back into nature,

the fragmentation undone,

the bridge re-established.

We became wild again.

Witnessing and radical amasement

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Some time ago I posted a question on my Facebook wall: “Sitting with this question: what makes witnessing so powerful? Is it because it links with our deepest soul?” A whole lot of answers came; and really nice ones.

The question had been fueled by recent experiences in some gatherings and learning events. In one we did a witnessing circle. It was a listening circle – instead of speaking when you had the talking piece, now you were the one to listen to the others who would share what they saw was your precious gift. To me, it was a very special moment and someone said: This is even beyond Appreciative Inquiry! It was special because we could all touch a layer that we normally don’t give words to. It was basically naming each other’s essence. I would say it was about and from the soul level. Also in the Axladitsa Immersion, a learning gathering around Living Wholeness this witnessing was very present throughout the gathering.

Here are some of the answers that came on my FB page:
“I have been sitting with this question as well 🙂 Some words from Alan Watts made me wonder if that’s a possible answer!
“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” ~ Alan Watts”

“Often I’m reminded that our anatomy doesn’t let us see our own beauty except in a mirror. We can do that for each other!”

“There is definitely something about being seen and heard – and maybe that is about the universe being seen and heard through each of us.”

“Mirror neurons?”

“Perhaps the gracefulness of not attempting to change but accepting something…”

“There’s also something about seeing and hearing ourselves within that process which makes it so potent for me too.”

“The Vedas talk about unmanifest Being splitting itself into Rishi, Devata and Chandas – the Knower, the Process of Knowing and the Known – in order that it might know itself. Witnessing is a practice of being consciously aware of all three to complete the trinity, rather than just focusing on the ‘Known’…”

Isn’t there a lot of wisdom in my friends? I really was surprised by the abundance of the answers, as this was more or less the first time I engaged myself in this way on Facebook!

The witnessing evoked in the Immersion the notion of Radical Amasement. To me, to be in a state of real witnessing, be it something in nature, an old tool or someone else, I become radical amased about the ingenuity of what is in front of me. The wonder of life, that explodes in these myriad of different forms, so many different ‘solutions’ to so many different ‘problems’… it is just awesome!

Then you realize it is not about solutions and problems, but it is about how life tries out each and every way to express the richness of itself. It seems always trying out what kind of life forms are life-bearing or life-affirming. It just goes on doing that; and it never stops. Still the big bang is happening all the time….