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WMtE13 – The wild life!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

This was our last morning together. The sun was still present, with the promise of more summer to come. We spoke to the question: What do we now know about being wild and natural beings? Here a list of deep insights mentioned in our collective:

• gift the time of listening to yourself

• deep listening – a kind of attunement – a kind of anchoring in – is becoming one with the whole

• every cell, every nerve can listen for the subtle cues to bring us into balance, into wholeness

• show up open and ready – and not exhausted – for this kind of listening, for collective presencing

• in the listening to the middle there is something more possible, it is a totally natural way of accessing information and knowing. This capacity gets amplified in the collective and that has a lot of juice for me; and juice feels wild!

• unwinding from the stories of history in my body

• see and acknowledge also the pain, witness it, is necessary before the new can come in – harmony is not shutting pain and ugliness out

• witnessing is not hard to do!

• it is possible to act focused and aligned without a plan, on true course

• the wild and the natural is seeking us, wanting a mutual relationship; the dissonant will then fall aside

• ‘they’ – seen and unseen – were looking at us

• everyone is welcome to the circle, no matter how open or not.

• Thank you for showing up who you are.

• I see you – Eye see you.

• The gifts of the wild are: the field, the seeing, the being seen.

• Reclaiming the word ‘wild’, in a grounded sense – coming from a place of stillness and gratitude – it takes you on your path.

And there was more!

After the break we gathered again in our favored spot, the screened-in porch. More information wove itself together around the future and this piece of land that had hosted us so well and profoundly. The information was offered from messages received during the night, from books, from experiences a long, long time ago… and the tapestry woven was magic and very meaningful for the owner.

Maybe, after all, it was not all that mysterious? The land needs to be protected because it is pregnant with ‘something’… maybe the land needs time to hold the new intention we had set in the previous Women Moving the Edge gathering? the intention of the unwounded feminine and masculine creating together… maybe it needs not only holding by us, humans, but it needs to be held in the earth too? It seems weird now when I write it in this blogpost, some days after we had this experience, but there was something that felt right when I wrote it down in my notebook. The future will tell me if this holds any sense or not…

The last messages came through…

Something is excited that we are starting to get it.

There is a flow between us here and the trees there.

Seeing and being seen.

There is a shared flow and joy.

There is so much more. You don’t know how big this is!

Open and receive.

I have been in-formed.

It is not about self.

Being as mycelium.

The wild is emergent.

Turn to one another

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Recently I attended three lectures, basically about different models of change and leadership for these times, and they all three ended with a similar kind of message.

The first one was Otto Scharmer who gave a workshop in a conference in Wurzburg. This conference was one in the series ‘Fields of Conflict, fields of Wisdom’ and this year’s theme was “I am. You are”. I value Otto’s book on Presencing and Theory U, because they gave words and a bigger framework to a lot of my intuitive knowing. I asked Otto afterwards the question of how to make sure that after going through the eye of the needle people don’t fall back into their ‘normal’ way of doing things. Basically his answer had two advices: be clear on your intention (don’t loose out of sight what you want to accomplish) and the second is to have a circle of friends to keep you in the creative spot.


The most inspiring lecture and workshop on the conference was given by Nicanor Perlas, a Philippine who has been integrating social activism and spirituality. He presented the Lemniscate Model, which uses the language of the hero’s journey of Joseph Campbell, and integrates more the ongoing iterations of the process than the U-process. One of the last points he named was that “a real living relationship and dialogue is a powerful entry point to a new sense of activism”. He named it the real ‘letting go’ and stressed the importance of a ‘a real relationship’ to be able to ‘return’ into the world after the moments or days of illumination. He named a real relationship ‘a spiritual path’, through which we can learn to hold our fluid state when we are encountered with boundaries in our self, in the other or in the organizations we live and work in.

Then a few days later I was totally amazed by a lecture by Julio Olalla, a man born in Chili, living in the US, but still showing his Spanish roots in jokes and even dance!
Fascinating enough he used the same language from Joseph Campbell! (The same book named in twice in three days time, I understand it as a sign to search for the book, somewhere on my shelves, and read it with the eyes I have now). The main point of this lecture was that emotional learning is possible and needed. He gave beautiful descriptions of the core qualities of different emotions: sadness, gratitude, passion, trust, tenderness… and stressed the importance of working with the body. He then pointed out that for ‘leap’ learning we need to gather in a ‘sacred place’, which was named in former times “they sealed the temple”. In this space of care and trust the learning happens through speaking about your demons and emotions and when you are really listened to.

Real learning happens in real conversations, and conversations are as old as humanity.

Leadership in these complex times seems about providing a safe space where our humanness, in all its aspects, in its relational essence can thrive again. Whatever map we use, it seems to come down to “turn to one another”.

Releasing anger

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

What happened on our second afternoon?
Somehow we started with a question about what we had learned in the morning; with the intention to harvest our wisdom,
suddenly almost all women were sitting and laying in one ‘sister-heap’

a physical, in-the-moment acknowledging of how important physical touch and physical wellness is,
how important it is to have a connection with Nature..
how important it is to take the time to slow down. How so many times we forget to Be this Body!

I invited every woman to connect with their vagina, this place that holds potential, holds growth and unfoldment, until it, through birthing, manifests in the world. The feminine knowing – different with the mental knowing – goes through and happens in the body, and my sense is that the vagina is important in this regard. It seems to be a challenge for us Western educated women to trust in this inner knowing and speak and act from there before it is processed through our minds. Because that is how we have learned to speak; from our minds. But through our physical bodies, and this applies of course also for men, we connect not only with our heart qualities, but also with Source, this vast container of huge potential. And the question is how we can speak from that place inside, from the silence, before there are concepts in our heads?
I don’t remember how we arrived at talking about the anger inside, and the gift of power it holds. But suddenly everybody was off their chair or cushion, we followed our bodies, supported by music and each other, and expressed anger and power in many forms: with body, movement and voice. It surely was an intense, wild party! The sheer joy of being alive in this body!!!

We came back to our circle again,
the wave of energy had come down,
we were centered…
hardly any need for the talking piece to slow down the conversation; as we would take natural turns in the conversation.

Are we holding back our power out of fear? Which fear is it? To prevent what? Are we asking for permission? Or can we own our power and inform others how it is for us and how we will do it?

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