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Money and the feminine

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Amazing to notice that the money system (how it is organized) and its related capitalist culture (the values that go with it) are coming to the center of my awareness. I’m in the preparation days leading up to the next Women Moving the Edge gathering and money and other related topics around boundaries, roles and agreements were very much present yesterday.
Judy and I tried to unravel it and we saw how the combination of capitalist culture and (catholic) religion made us not talk about money; at least not openly or when it is for ourselves. Part of it is seeing more clearly how the feminine values and capacities of taking care – for each other and for the community in general – is not rewarded and stays many times invisible in our current culture and system.

WMtE7 clay2 smallAs people living in this transition from the old paradigm to the new (which is both the system and the culture), and providing teaching, guidance and mentoring for this transition, we have to deal with the current money system that is not valuing what we do and a new paradigm that is not translated yet into agreed upon new ways of value exchange.

For the first time in the life of Women Moving the Edge Time dollars are offered to us and are used to pay the people that cook the lunches and dinners in our preparation time. I’m looking out at how we can expand and innovate these new ways of exchange that will support all who are involved in it, participants and hosts alike.

As we know from the Art of Hosting practice, hosting relates to space, process and harvest. Hosting and designing the process that leads to self-organization and emergence isn’t that difficult. Many social technologies are there these days that can help you out. Hosting the harvest; making sure that the shared learnings and meanings are captured in a way that will feed into next conversations and wise actions is an art many are still learning and experimenting with.
WMtE clay1 smallEven more intangible and more difficult to grasp is hosting the space. Because next to creating a hospitable environment – with attention for a beautiful invitation, a welcoming room, some flowers etc. – there is a lot more to sense into and host.
Is the overall question nurturing the potential of this group or organization?
What are the needs of the participants and the collective as a whole that needs attention?
Are we reaching the deeper topics that will lead to more life-affirming actions?

All these intangible elements make that hosting is not just a technology but an art. If we then apply hosting to the topic of feminine consciousness and feminine ways of knowing, we end up with a ‘double intangible’, a double feminine. No surprice few can see its value and pay for it in the current economic paradigm that wants to measure and prove for individual gain.

(All the amazing pictures of recent blog posts are made by Helen, you can look them up at Flickr.)