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Hosting the grief in Japan, and beyond…

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

A next message by Bob Stilger.
April 14, 2011

Dear Friends,

Yesterday morning the earth shook in Tokyo twice as I sat here at my hotel desk. They are what are now considered mild quakes — just a little more than 5 Magnitude — and both around 100 miles away. This is part of the new normal here. The earth just shakes from time to time. People notice immediately (sometimes aided by little iPhone Apps that set of an alarm). I notice I wait, a little surprised, but not really, and wonder how long will this last and should I be doing something other than sitting here, watching the shaking.


A little later, I went downstairs and outside into a lovely, sunny Tokyo morning. Spring has popped completely into being here. The cherry blossoms have moved past prime, but on my street, gorgeous purple tulips now mark the path. Such an interesting contrast — earth shakes and purple tulips bloom. Life finds a way to be normal.

Lot’s of thinking activity going on on about how to grow a network of 500 or so FutureCenters as spaces of innovation and change. I’ll write about that a bit later. Right now I want to share some of what happened at a gathering last night. Forty or so people came.


Most were folks I had an opportunity to meet and work with last year — teachers, students, personal coaches, web designers, business people, government workers, facilitators. A somewhat unusual collection of wonderful folks who have become community to each other through Art of Hosting. In a check-in circle, we reminded each other of when we each had become part of this community and then talked about how life has been since 3/11. A number of those present have spent time volunteering in the Tohoku region in the last month. Some have family there.

As I listened, one of the themes which came up time and time again was that people are searching for the right way to stand with and behind people who live in the Tohoku. Sano-sensei, who has left a post teaching social innovation to graduate students at Rikkyo University is starting an NPO for this purpose. There’s just a boat load of people wanting to volunteer, people starting NPOs, corporations wanting to help. Earlier in the day I heard about a major data services company which is seeing its mission shift from “exchange of data to exchange of personal will.” They’re planning on sending people in to Tohoku to listen deeply to discover how people what to be connected and exchange their personal wills.

But back to last night’s meeting. Part of the sense I picked up is that for everyone, trying to think of all the Tohoku is just paralyzing. They need to find one place where they can form more intimate human connections. In that place, they need to listen and listen and listen. They need to find the local people who are starting to step forward with some leadership and work with them. They need to not rush in and try to fix things.

One of the things I’ve shared on a number of occasions is something Meg Wheatley wrote earlier this week. Normally in situations like this people go in and ask “what do you need?” Its a totally overwhelming question. The question to be asking is “what do you have?” Starting from this place of what we have will often eventually lead to needs. But needs which arise out of what we have are totally different than the staggering weight of asking someone whose old life is gone what they need.

The sensitivity to wanting to come into right relationship with people from communities in the Tohoku is strong. One of the things we keep talking about, probably since I am present, is how to create and connect self-organizing systems in the Tohoku. There’s a knowing that first there needs to be a continual hosting of the grief everyone feels. People outside the Tohoku feel guilty for having grief when they have not personally experienced the devastation of Tohoku’s people. The grief is just everywhere. People speak of how often, and how easily tears come to the corners of their eyes. This grief will be present for a long time all begins by hosting it.

Some of the folks who had been present at Kiyosato last weekend spoke of how it was important for us to have spent the first day just being in our confusion together before we started to move on to develop some ideas that might be of help. Grief, confusion, listening. They’re all needed before action comes.

Another thing that happened during the evening is we talked about how different the disasters of 3/11 feel than the Kobe earthquake 16 years ago. Certainly there are the physical differences — much wider area, many more people, the triology of quakes/tsunami/nuclear, the continuing medium magnitude quakes, the unraveling nuclear disaster. All those differences play a role, AND it feels like there is something deeper present as well. A couple of days ago one person I was speaking with talked about how in this collectivist culture, grief and emotion travel subtly and rapidly through the cultural membrane. So there’s this feeling present and it is present all over Japan. Another colleague talked about how she has found ways to switch the feeling off — to be able to act as if normal is here. It gets easier to distance oneself from this emotional field when further away than Tokyo. But it is still there.

So, the insight that dropped into the room is that 16 years ago, most people thought they were still in a world where things were just going to get better and better. Sure, a few adjustments might be needed, but generally speaking, life was good. You might say that there was still a desirable normal to which one could return. What was clear from the work I was doing here last year is that there were already massive shifts taking place. The change in political leadership here, after a 50+ year dominance by the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) was one surface manifestation of this desire for change — but it was clear it ran much deeper and that many people were in questions about what kind of life they wanted — because they didn’t like the one they had.

This series of disasters has dropped in on top of a wide-spread sense that deep change is needed. So it ends up being experienced in multiple ways — as a horrific disaster, as a release from a future people didn’t want anymore, as a huge set of uncertainties about how to move forward. It bears little resemblance to the world of 16 years ago.



Stitching the web of life together

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Since the last day of our Women Moving the Edge gathering, which is more than three weeks ago, finishing my harvest has been at the back of my mind all the time. But working life is always rather full after a week away, and these last four days I had a low level energy – not really sick, but not able to work in a ‘normal’ way. It was the time and energy needed to tend to my subtle energy levels.

So I went back to my notes and started at the beginning – the preparation day – the day before the start of the gathering, when the hosting team came together. We were hosted by Lisette in her house in Amsterdam. I’m always delighted how these old city houses have so many windows and light is pouring in all over! So different than the rural Flemish houses of that age with small windows.

The day started with some synchronicities. Judy had lived in Amsterdam (she now lives near Boston), somewhere in the nineties, and it turned out that the place where she had lived had been only a few houses away from Lisette’s! So she strolled around the neighborhood in the morning, trying to find back a spot that she had loved and she succeeded. The spot was the ‘Begijnhof’ of Amsterdam. The begijnen, are a local and feminine story; very Flemish. These ladies lived together in the 13th and 14th centuries, under no religious order, making their own rules and having a certain influence on society. Aren’t we like them? The beguines of the new life?

The guiding question for our gathering was: If the need of the world/Earth is an invitation to become fully ourselves, then what is our role as the evolving collective feminine? This is a high level question with no easy or immediate answers. We have noticed over our different gatherings that these questions keep working in us, and pieces of the answers show up later also.

In our check in, the first major theme was: How domesticated are we? How deep is society ingrained in us? And where is the wild feminine, the natural under these layers of socialisation? This linked in with books we were reading – like Women who Run with the Wolves and Rewilding the World. Are we prepared to let the natural come back into our lives? Who knows what will happen then? The Wild is the archetypal, the instinctual, the natural. It is not new; but it seems to us that more and more women are hearing its call. And through internet we can find each other and relate with one another.

Another line in the conversation was about the movement, the transition from the Piscean age – where all sorts of parent-child relationships can be found in society – to the Aquarian age, where relationships are made out of true partnerships. We can understand true partnerships between humans, but how does this translate with the Earth, and with this archetypal level we talked about before? We were bringing in information from others’ books (Co-Creative Science from Machaelle Small Wright and Return of the Feminine and the World Soul by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee) and from our own experience to allow a new picture to form in our minds, hearts and bodies. We know that woman – or, rather, the feminine in every human being – has a natural tendency or capacity to be in direct communication with nature and the Earth. From that inner experience we have a deep sense of what is in balance with both inner and outer environment. True partnership with Earth, or with nature, then seems to be that we can use our human free will to choose for this overall balance, instead of the current ruling paradigm of separation and fragmentation. We have the free will to choose ever more balance, on all levels of our existence. We seem to get to a lived experience of the oneness of humanity and the Earth.

I have to tell you that this clarity wasn’t present our conversation then. It is now, by re-reading my notes and those of Helen, that I am able to give some coherence to what we were speaking on that day.

So, a deeper partnership with Earth seems somehow feasible and understandable, but how to understand a true partnership with this wild, natural, archetypal level of the feminine? And as we put it in our guiding question: a true partnership with the collective feminine?

From the Spirit-Source model that I developed to understand how emergence can happen, we know there are many layers between the existing potential and the manifest. The archetypal level is one of these deep layers, way below the manifest form of our daily life. Because it is an energetic level – it can be translated into the multitude of forms that we know exist on our planet (and maybe beyond?) – I understand the archetypal as a blueprint level and most likely such a blueprint exists for the feminine and for the collective feminine. Now, because our consciousness evolves, and we can make different choices than our ancestors, the forms that can become manifest out of this archetype evolve too. And because everything is reciprocal you could say that we influence the archetypal blueprint too.

This was a shocking realization for me! If this is true – and I can’t see why it wouldn’t be – then it leaves me, and us, with a huge responsibility! What we choose now has a huge influence on what will come after us, because we will, in one way or the other, change the blueprint out of which the multitude of forms will be generated over time. Do we really dare to move this edge of consciousness? There is a lot of power – at least influence – in this. Are we sure our intentions are clear and without ego? Moving the edge of consciousness is not a small thing!

Looking back at it now, I realise even more deeply that this mutual influence is going on all the time, and has been going on for ages – whether we are conscious of it or not. So my and our power or influence doesn’t grow, it is just that our understanding of the consequences of our choices is growing. My power is not greater than before, but now I can choose to apply it in a more conscious way.

On the other hand, there is also so comfort in all this. If we understand the nature of these archetypal and other energetic levels that exist before something becomes ‘real’ on the manifest level of time and space, then we don’t have to worry about how things will emerge. All these energy levels – some call them deva’s and nature spirits – will do their job! We just need to set our clear intention and co-create with these subtle levels along the way! For me that is a big relief. I/we don’t have to do it alone! Of course – for a good understanding – we never did have to do it alone, but most of us didn’t realise that. We were so trapped in our power position as the ‘highest evolved being’ that we blanked out all these other layers. Probably what we need to do more is to listen more deeply to the information that these layers are sending us.

Being in conversation about this, listening ever more deeply to what was arising in the middle of our circle, I suddenly reached a level of these subtle layers that I hadn’t reached before. I saw in my mind’s eye a huge web, a kind of irregular woven fabric that was in many, many places completely torn and broken. It looked like a woolen fabric eaten by the moths, no pattern to discover, but broken in many places. I recognized this as the archetypal energy level of connectedness and of collectives. These holes where made by fragmented thoughts, over and over again. Thoughts about ‘me, me, me’ – about separation – all influence this energetic level, which then starts to die off, to decompose.

I realized why we need to come together in circles, over and over again: because it is only these kinds of collectives that can heal again this fabric of being a collective, of being in connection with all of humanity, all of earth and all of nature – probably all of existence. At that moment I understood the deep meaning of the web of life, I understood the many stories, myths and fairy tales about weaving, knitting, mending, stitching… all images about restoring the connective tissue in the greater web of life.

Coming together, as a collective, for the sake of darning the energetic fabric of the collective and keeping it strong; that is probably what women’s circles have done through the ages, consciously or not. This is what we need to do now too. Even as fully individuated individuals, we need to do that now. So these circles, these collectives are no longer about conformity. Rather, we are looking at a collective of fully conscious beings bringing their intention and attention together for the sake of the whole of life. We have a role to play in bringing forward that collective potential.

Rich tapestry

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

We came to our last morning on Monday. Everybody was still full of the many learnings the constellation had brought. The dialogue started from there. It is so rich (and long), but I wouldn’t know what to leave out…

* Perceval had to re-trace his steps. In retracing your experience you consciously understand. The healing of the wounded king is when we ask the question “Whom does the Grail serve?” This is about alignment. Our task is to stay connected in the epiphany to that alignment and then right action comes out of that.

* If we look back on these two days – what did we do, what made it happen? Reflecting back and making it available to the collective is important. It is not about us only, it’s about laying these cosmic grooves to make it accessible to all.


* In the meditation this morning I realized how being in this circle calls me to be no more and no less than fully present. “It is not up to me” meaning: I don’t have to do this by myself, I’m part of the collective’, and “it is totally up to me” meaning: when I’m not present (and coming from story), the full resonance potential of the group doesn’t manifest. The image of the crystal singing bowl is helpful here – where every point on the circumference of the circle is in harmony, (i.e. it isn’t a loose, floppy circle). The emptiness of the bowl reminds me of Source, of unmanifest potential, and when invited by the striker, sound comes forth.

* There is something about this circle that doesn’t trigger the ego in the usual way. I can be here in a way I don’t usually experience myself… still reeling from the implications of being Source. No ‘me-ness’, only ‘Is-ness’, there’s nothing foreign, not lost everything by not being me. It is a complete paradox that I would relinquish me and receive so much more. Like dropping my clothes, and everything is off me. Yet my place in the world is not less, and my place is vast. There’s no gravity to bring you off the top of the cliff. The thing I’ve looked for I already am, and so are you.

The alignment is a natural evolution, it is a natural expression into action. The ground of Being is raw impetus, highly energized impetus – into form. How do I experience/express myself if I can’t be you and everything?

Dropping of the boundaries of self because there’s a tangible resting point that’s everywhere, the anchor is in the in-between.

To leave here and have something sustainable is the meat of it – it doesn’t give itself to us if we don’t open up to it. We are unlimited possibility.

What we ask for is what’s given – no more and no less. Until we come to accept the vastness that we are, the more we limit the possibility of anything being possible.

There’s a relationship between the question and my willingness to hold a selfless self, without a ‘me’ to gain. Me being willing to be me in the presence of Source is to let it flow through – a new balance is needed.

* How to bring the Empress (from the Tarot) forth – the feminine, creative, loving? Being the Empress is accessing Source. Is the bowl, is the CircleBeing, accessing, opening to Source?

* There’s a formless quality to this gathering, which has no words to describe it – fullness of the silence, the experience of the spaciousness. Not so much asking the question, but I will leave here being (in) the question: Who is it in us that wants to take form, meaning – is it the ‘She’ coming from the formless place?


* “How can I continue to live the question of working with community and diversity?” How can we transcend the I to the WE, the SHE? How to deepen the understanding of the WE? I had a real experience of transcending the me/I this weekend. I transcended it to ‘We’, that might be Source.

The ‘We’ is the pathway into Source.

* The huge awakening (for her representing Collective Knowing) is that the world wanted me – is inviting me – at some level there’s a readiness, an invitation, a birthing.

So those of us who can sit in circle like this can move into this rarefied space. We’re creating grooves, for something to move forward in a new way, and we can consciously align.

I see the collective ‘We’ as the pathway – the next stage of development in human consciousness – to move out of the ‘I’ into the ‘We’.

This connection to the world is so important. We come to this kind of space and struggle to know how to re-enter. A piece of it is togetherness, collaboration – I’ve always tried to do everything alone – why? True collective leadership is about finding your collective – no attachment to my piece, but also owning my gifts in giving them freely. We’re still learning how to be in alignment with Self/Source and other, so we won’t always do it perfectly. There’s something about the feminine that can work with the subtle, creative impulse, that force coming through, and begin to create those pathways in the manifest world.


* Source wants to move, so have no anxiety to manifest the new, it will come through. Source is robust – it’s our human understanding that is fragile! What is unique about you – you will form Source into uniqueness. It’s not a weak supply! The more our ‘Yes’ is there, the more it’s available. There’s deep and profound meaning in the movement itself – inherent in the very movement is the meaning.

* There seems to be a book with the title: “Things are going great in your absence” (absence of our ego – it’s all about getting out of our way)

* ‘The tone of being magnified’ – it penetrates through everything – the vibration is the healing and the action.

* How can we hold the space as we leave, without going into our distraction?

* I acknowledge the multiple modalities of access we’ve had here this weekend – art, movement, poetry, constellation, sharing etc. – very non-linear, whatever is the next thing that emerges – a feminine way of being. The underlying order is always present and we pop up like mushrooms.

A walk on the edge

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

It is difficult to remember what were all the things that happened on our third day together. It was again so rich, inspiring and beautiful.


Some of us decided to greet and honor the sunrise, and they ended up doing it in the hot tub. This was a luxury I enjoyed the evening before, with a splendid view lit by the almost full moon; when all the others were already gone to bed or to their rooms.

“It was a beautiful morning, the sun coming up over the distant ridge of mountains, and the moon behind, up the hill through the trees.” (Judy)

Later in the day Wendy would recall that it was not possible to see them both at once, but if you turn inwards then it is possible to have a sense or an experience of both. Did you ever think of that?

I can’t remember what exactly is the chronology of that day, but I do know that we decided to do an Appreciative Inquiry Walk after lunch, around a situation of ‘moving the edge’. The question was: What did you do that made it happen? The harvest of these conversations in pairs was again something that brought us deeper into our joint inquiry. Moving the edge happens when:

– there is a compulsion; when your integrity doesn’t allow to act in another way. In this way it holds the paradox of being conscious of ‘some’ consequences of your choice and the feeling of not having any choice.
– there is no point of reference that you can rely on

Sunday afternoon

– it ‘had’ to be expressed
– we leave our separateness and join others, without questions or judgments
– there is an energy of “Let’s do it!” (in alignment with Source) instead of “Do it!”
– the outcome could not be anticipated beforehand
– there is a letting go, a giving up of control
– a not holding back: it asks for courage and honesty
– you have a sense of something ‘from somewhere else’ coming through you
– you live the energy of the Fool (tarot cards): it looks like stepping forward will lead to death, but not doing it will lead to another form of death

It wasn’t the first time we talked about it but the experience of giving birth was exactly this! Women’s way of being alive, every month ‘forced’ by nature to go along with Life, with no control over it, seems to make us more connected with Life, earth and matter; and the inherent ‘push’ of Life energy. Being on the edge in this way seems quite familiar… I think this experience makes women – on average – more open to a kind of subtle energies which are different than the mental knowing, but are needed to a get full ‘understanding’.

Judy’s reflections: “In recalling my own story, I remembered the ‘letting go’ that had to happen in my moving the edge experience. I remembered how hard that was, but when I did, then there was an openeing, and the ‘letting come’ flowed so naturally, so effortlessly. I also recalled on one occassion the buildup of tension that preceded the ‘lettting go’. Like something going to explode inside me, about to erupt, not going to wait any longer. Really like Life coming through me, there was no holding back. I also recall related and less explosive times where discernement, and the subtle knowing that is required, came into play. The knowing when to speak and when to remain silent, discerning when to lead or step forward, and when to just be with another.”

How to be human?

Saturday, August 4th, 2007
Shoe and foot

Yesterday I started on a walking path to find water and I ended up with my left foot – and my left shoe! – in the black mud. I was not able to follow the path, unless I was willing to offer my right shoe too. So no ideal place to sit quietly and to contemplate…

Today I left in the morning for the forest, and look where I am now! I followed the sign ‘Udsight’ (in Dutch: uitzicht; in English: viewpoint) and I am sitting now on a nice little plateau just above the water.

The strong wind makes endless tiny waves who bump into it and make this calming sound, as if I’m sitting in a rowboat. As far as I can see the waterfront is grown with the tall ‘water-grass’: bowing to the wind and also to the water, still standing tall.

Can I connect with the life-force in this amazing plant? Can I be with this ‘unfolding movement’ as I read yesterday?

Is this what touches us in nature, the pure life-force? Unconditional – pure – still – and yet full of life!? That what makes us at ease in nature, that what makes us silent inside, that what sets our wonderment into motion again?
How to BE this life-force and – in the same moment – be aware of it?
Not separated, not: I’m here and nature is over there, but being one, being whole with it?
How to be HUMAN in nature, in this world?


Monday, March 5th, 2007

again by Judy!

This afternoon was moving in and out of confusion and chaos.  I guess this is part of the process.  I felt we were really all coming from different places.  I could not discern a voice from the Middle.  I think we were not at all tuned into any collective knowing.  We were working with Action Learning, which is probably a very good tool, but not working well in this context.  We did not seem to converge on a question or have group buy-in to the process.   So we seemed to stop and start and restart.

All the while most present for me were the questions:

What is our Circle Task?
What if we are doing this FOR the world?

Many seemed to feel the question of how we were to make a difference in the world was too big.  Or that it was presumptuous to think we could really be much more than a ripple in a stream.  I was yearning to move into a deeper inquiry, a deeper space, into communion with a question, almost any question.  I know that from Moving the Edge last March I had worked through some of my uncertainty and fear with this process.  And yet it is still an edge.  After once touching into speaking from the Middle, I would forever want to return there, to that incredible and liberating power of knowing.  To that little worn groove in consciousness, that is now a bit more familiar.  The possibilities are so vast.  The opportunity to shift consciousness even in a small way is so attractive energetically.  It is as if consciousness is calling, magnetizing me and us to answer, to listen, to sense into, to be present, to co-sense, and to co-presence.  Once knowing this experience it becomes a capacity that must be utilized, that must be put into service.  The sense of urgency is compelling.

And then near the end of this long afternoon, Ria spoke as consciousness spoke through her.  I sat in silent support, holding the space, honoring her as the vessel.  Lisa captured her words; I was in stillness and awe of the clarity and presence of what emerged.  I defer here to Lisa’s rendering.  It was a huge shift for us.  We all knew it.

And then we moved easily and gently into dinner and a relaxing evening of conversation.  We glowed around the fire and admired the incredible pictures captured on Helen’s camera – colorful renderings of our faces, our hands, our time, and the beautiful setting that is the Heerlijckyt.

A Blessed day!

Opening by Judy

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

This opening for Women Moving the Edge carried so many rich insights as each woman brought herself into the circle, the emergent field. I was reminded of what Ria and I came to in our pre-gathering time together – the wholeness of knowing. In response to the question of what is really present for you right now, each in her own way spoke of the Edge. There was fear, letting go, knowing that knowing means knowing with others and no longer alone, and yet there is aloneness. There was a sense that we know the Edge, we feel or sense it, but what is it? Some words or phrases that seem to fall into alignment with meaning were:
• Inner / wisdom / intuition / body – again something about the wholeness of knowing.
• Collective field / being / knowing / sensing / collective memory
• Death / endings / letting go / rebirth
• The space between / the interval / death / emptiness/ liberation / rebirth

For me there was a lot about the “I and the We” and the dance between individual and collective knowing, individual and collective leadership and where I move with this. I don’t know how to do collective leadership. I struggle with how much of me, the ego self, should be present. And yet I know it is to be the Self, beyond ego who engages. Somehow I am not free yet, free enough to be there without ego attachment to the outcome. And letting go, moving beyond the Edge, the leap into the unknown brings so much uncertainty, so much fear, is beyond any trust I can find within me. I often feel so alone and yet know that I need the collective, the inter-subjective, the inter-relational, to be fully the I within the We. To fully participate, to engage beyond any personal agenda. Something in me knows this holds unlimited potential and yet I cannot seem to make the leap. This brings me back to death. What must die? To move into nothingness to discover what is there beyond ego.

The Full Moon meditation for me is always very aligned and energetically powerful. It is the power of thought, of focused intention, of vibration through thought and word aligning to shift grooves in consciousness – and I cannot know how, I will never know the result. Still I do it, energize it, and continue to radiate heightened qualitative energy to the planet. It is always an honor to participate with others in the service. I also have the sense that the field is strengthened by this meditation and we can go forward with that into the following days.

It is not only the full moon of Pisces but also a lunar eclipse. We take to bed, into the night, into our night life the question of what is behind the shadow that now wants to be revealed? What have we women been holding back that is now ready to come fully into being? Into the light?

Helen mentioned early on that what we do here can make it easier for the next group to move more deeply into collective knowing. (not her exact words, but I hope the sense). And I resonate to that, to creating new grooves in consciousness that help make the way for others, that help shift consciousness. It seems on a grander scale this is our role in conscious evolution.

Intuition and Felt Sense

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

These last years a lot has been said about bringing balance between left and right hemisphere, between knowing and feeling, between mental and inner knowing.

Lots of people use the word intuition as opposed to or as counterbalance for the mental knowing. But what is intuition really?

I think it is useful to make a differentiation between intuition and felt sense. The latter is a concept introduced by E.Gendlin, within his philosofical/therapeutic work of Focussing.
I understand intuition as recieving some information: this can be a thought, a feeling, an image… If we want this more feminine side of knowing to take its full place to balance the mental knowing, then this ‘recieving information’ needs refining, and widening.

As Gendlin states: Felt Sense is a “body sensation that has meaning”. “A felt sense is often subtle and as you pay attention to it you discover that it is intricate. It has more to it.” So it is not only a thought, or only an image, but a “….dimension of experience which is not emotion and not thought, which is subtle yet concretely felt, absolutelty physically real”. This I see as the refinement of the concept of intuition.
The broadening exist in the relationship of this Felt Sense with the world around, the context. If the mutual influence between my intuition and the context I am in is not taken into account it can still be (very) useless.

Be the purpose – Do the community

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

This was written on my flight back home, while the second Evolutionary Salon was in it’s last day.

Flying between Seattle and Atlanta, not even knowing for sure where I would find Atlanta on a map, I still feel the connection with the Evolutionary Salon gathering. I see a landscape full of snow, hills and threes, suddenly changing in what seems a dessert to me. I see the flowing and curved lines made by nature and the straight lines draw upon the landscape by humans. The straight lines reveal me that humans – of course also part of nature – try to be wiser than the rest of it. If water would flow in a straight line, it couldn’t feed so much land.

The flow and the staccato in the dance;
the feminine and the masculine searching for a synergy;
the balance between timeslots and really open space;
the tension between the purpose and building community …

I don’t think balance is what we need to search for, if it means a careful tended ‘position’. We need more of a dynamic, changing dance. Something that is beyond a combination of the opposites. I’m looking for a dynamic interplay, the wholeness in this all.

Do we need to deepen the purpose? Yes, of course.
Do we need to strengthen the community? Yes, of course.
As long as we see them separate, we didn’t learn much. As long as we don’t integrate this playful dance of energies in our individual selves we will struggle, we will stumble – together – to find process, form and practices that will guides us slowly into the dance.

The landscape beneath me is full of wide circles, all of the same size, within are square pieces of land. For irrigating the fields the circle shape seems to be more efficient…

My guess is that Life itself is this dance. If we live the purpose, engage our full heart, minds and bodies in it, then we are the community. If we engage fully in the community, with conversation, with dance and ritual, then the purpose will be fulfilled.

Is there more to say than just DO – BE – DO it?

What did I learn in the Salon?

I sense a connection with the energy field that is ‘underneath’ all the visible.
I was aware of the subtle dimensions underneath the conversations and actions that happened in the gross, manifest level.

I saw the coming into being of this community, how it developed itself from a field of possibilities to some kind of manifestation.

We all responded to the call, felt the push or pull from the field of possibility; it was Michael who gave it words and sent out the invitation. All our individual visions of what is possible, all our individual treads of silk spun between now and the future, came together.
It came into manifestation because we are willing to open our minds, we are willing to look into assumptions that we hold, we know that our point of view is only one part of reality.
We are willing to open our hearts and go beyond judgment.
We opened ourselves for a greater will, or the soul’s yearning to come through.

We are in a big experiment to weave our threads together until the fabric will be strong enough to include all areas of life. We will create together a fabric that doesn’t have a fixed shape or a fixed pattern. We will weave something really new, totally in line with the rest of nature. A fractal kind of human life, sustainable, playful, scaleable.

Silence is needed, not only to slow down, but to become aware of the subtle dimensions in all what we do or don’t do.
It is not only silence for our ears, but the stillness in our emotions, the stillness in our minds, the stillness in our bodies, so that we are on all levels the antennas for the subtle messages that aligns us even better with future possibilities.

Stillness is needed to be able to sense how we can dance together a new dance, a new creation.

How to give space for the dance that exist between us?

Sensing mechanisms and practices

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Mark Jones wrote: “I am exploring living into the construct that there are “sensing mechanisms and practices” at the Turquoise meme that are distinct from our apprehension of reality from the perspective of the Yellow, Green, and other memes.”
and: .
“The “psychic synchronicity | sensitivity” — sensing what is happening among and within those that we feel highly connected to — may be a Turquoise meme siddhi when invoked by intentional mindfulness.”

As far as I understand the Turquoise meme, it means that we experience reality as a whole; separation and fragmentation is gone; is left behind or better: is transcended. We still have our identity but our center of gravity is in the Whole.

“Sensing what is happening among and within those that we feel highly connected to” is only one part of it. It is also possible among people you don’t know that much, as long as they are beyond first tier (SD).Mostly it starts with some silence. It can become very tangible, noticeable when the other(s) is also identified with the whole, or at least make space for silence, not-knowing and an open heart.
I call it ‘active silence’; the activity is opening your senses to what Finn Voldtofte called ‘the magic in the middle’. In my article I saw it as an acknowledgment of what is there amongst us that Evolution wants to happen. It is focusing on stillness and opening to what wants to emerge. It requires that I’m aware of my own bodily experiences; that I am aware of ‘the other’; also that I can sense what is going on in the group’s field and one step further is: sensing what Evolution wants.