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Sensing mechanisms and practices

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Mark Jones wrote: “I am exploring living into the construct that there are “sensing mechanisms and practices” at the Turquoise meme that are distinct from our apprehension of reality from the perspective of the Yellow, Green, and other memes.”
and: .
“The “psychic synchronicity | sensitivity” — sensing what is happening among and within those that we feel highly connected to — may be a Turquoise meme siddhi when invoked by intentional mindfulness.”

As far as I understand the Turquoise meme, it means that we experience reality as a whole; separation and fragmentation is gone; is left behind or better: is transcended. We still have our identity but our center of gravity is in the Whole.

“Sensing what is happening among and within those that we feel highly connected to” is only one part of it. It is also possible among people you don’t know that much, as long as they are beyond first tier (SD).Mostly it starts with some silence. It can become very tangible, noticeable when the other(s) is also identified with the whole, or at least make space for silence, not-knowing and an open heart.
I call it ‘active silence’; the activity is opening your senses to what Finn Voldtofte called ‘the magic in the middle’. In my article I saw it as an acknowledgment of what is there amongst us that Evolution wants to happen. It is focusing on stillness and opening to what wants to emerge. It requires that I’m aware of my own bodily experiences; that I am aware of ‘the other’; also that I can sense what is going on in the group’s field and one step further is: sensing what Evolution wants.

The Art of Hosting expanded

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

This is not an academic writing, just sharing notes and trying to get my arms around the field of: hosting – collective intelligence – evolution of consciousness – Spiral Dynamics Integral …

If we want to talk about Hosting Evolution of Consciousness it is needed that we try to integrate The Art of Hosting with the maps we have available for us: the 4 quadrants from Wilber and SDi.

Hosting the four quadrants

The Art of Hosting as we know it up to now is related to hosting meaningful conversations.

What I experienced and learned in Hazelwood is that hosting physical places (houses, gardens, environments) is at least as important.

Now we are more and more confronted with the challenge of hosting meaningful and ongoing communities.

And isn’t a great part of our ongoing work to host our sacred, inner space too?

As I see it, hosting this inner space is UL in Wilber’s terms.

Hosting the house, gardens and surroundings as the Hazelwood ladies do, is LR. Providing us with organic food, made and served with love is taking care for our UR.

Hosting communities should be the LL.

What about the conversations we host? One could argue to put it in LL, but I see conversations as a tool, a technology to go from UL to LL; from individuality to community.

But what I am struggling with (and maybe you too), is to see and to be conscious about the differences in the ‘I’ and the ‘We’ when people are in different vMemes.

Hosting Green, Yellow and Turquoise

I will not go into the details that are provided by Ken Wilber, Don Beck and Andrew Cohen and many others – as I don’t know them – but I try to make something clear about the relationship between the I and the We and about how we worked and will work together.

I and We in Green

The We in green is about sharing, about seeing the other and be seen by them; about hearing the other(s) and be heard by them.

From a psychological, individual viewpoint it is the adult who is able to empathize with others; to be able to see through each other’s eyes. We can see each other as equal.

That’s why cooperations are a good form of organizations for this Meme.

I and We in Yellow

In Yellow different people gather for different projects related to their core qualities, competences and skills to change the systems. The individual has some kind of meditation practice; knows how to be present, at least when he is on his own, on the meditation cushion or in the dojo.

I and We in Turquoise

Here the individual sense of separation dissolves. Not only in exceptional moments, but throughout working, eating, learning while being together with others. Individuals have a ‘felt sense’ that the other is myself and vice versa. The individual is centered in this We instead of in the individual, separate Self.

These enlightened individuals form little communities who will find their own collective core qualities, competences and skills (CircleBeings). It will be these little We’s that will connect, not just for projects, but for the building of the new society – changing the global systems.

Coherence in Green, Yellow and Turquiose

In a ‘normal’ community it is the shared purpose that makes the coherence. Mostly a lot of time and effort is spent to come to a purpose that is truly shared. It is mission-oriented. I think this is still the Orange value system.

Form the Communities of Practice we know that their coherence comes from the need to become better practitioners. These communities are discipline-oriented and are from their nature peer-to-peer: the Green meme.

My guess is that the coherence in Yellow comes from the shared project for the world. Every individual is based in her self, doesn’t need others to be happy, but seeks connections with others to accomplish this particular endeavor, to make a better world.

What about Turquoise, where communities become Communities of Co-creation? There is a purpose, it is peer-to-peer and we do something together for the good of the Whole and still, something is new. The shared purpose could be named here as the individual and collective felt sense of the CircleTask; the task that is unique for this connected group of individuals: the CircleTask as related to the CircleBeing. For me it is a translation of: “Not my, but thy Will.” shared by all members of this group.

Collective Intelligence in Green, Yellow and Turquoise

George wrote in his draft document on CI: “In order to ensure our survival and success as a species, we will need to integrate and apply what we have all learned about collective intelligence to improve our capacity to create sustainable social, political, and economic systems that work well for everyone involved, and to creatively meet the challenges of the 21st century.”

To me “integrate and apply” is not enough. It is good to do – and we still need a lot more of it in the world of today – but it seems to me too small as the collective intelligence needed for the future. I see it as making the best soup that is possible with all the ingredients that are available.

Evolution of humanity gives us a perspective that definitely calls for a “higher order complexity, integration and wisdom”. It asks for an upshift/upgrade in our capacity of collective intelligence. What could the “magic in the middle” be when we take all the knowledge and experience we have and “lean together into the not-knowing” looking and listening for what evolution wants us to do? Can we create together – as we go, with no plan or recipe – a total new meal that has never ever existed?