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Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Somewhere during Sunday morning, we had another generative dialogue, which of course built on all the previous ones.

Again there was our metaphor of the mycelium:


A definition: Fungal de-composition is the job of the mycelium, a vast network of underground cells that permeate the soil. The mushroom itself is the fruit of the mycelium.

If the ‘I’ is the mushroom or the fruit and the ‘We’ is like the mycelium… Who am I when I drop my separate identity? Frightening thought maybe, but on the other hand, it was happening right in our midst. Different voices in the circle said: “I don’t want to go back! (to old structures and separateness)”. There is excitement in the ‘not-knowing’; of going to that place, of being pregnant with what we have not known before. We must create a new way from there. How can we bring clear outgoing energy and still be connect to Source? How will we be fully alive while being pregnant, while not knowing what we will birth?
“What is real right now – here?” asked somebody else.

We came to see that women had been given away so much of our lifeblood. As we are so much identified with the collective and with relations, we tend to loose ourselves in it. “Pull it in” was one way of naming the way to go; “draw back in the lifeblood we have given away”. Our primary relation is with Source, and not with others or outside ourselves. Being connected with Source is self-generative and will not deplete our energies.

“The future is already here! The collective She is present. We are her voice.” Les gave an eloquent contribution about the ‘self-generating fire storm’. And suddenly there was a big YES!

Probably there was much more, but these are the things that I remember…