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A Jedi Council

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Last weekend I was part of a most remarkable gathering at De Heerlijckyt in Belgium. This specific constellation of people emerged from an Art of Hosting training, which happened at the same venue early October ’06. Before this gathering there were a lot of friendships build over the last years and months. Somehow we sensed we all hold a piece of work and competence that will be necessary for the future of Europe.

We don’t hold any official autority, not at all, but we feel called to how we can put ourselves into service for the best of the world to come. We called ourselves a Jedi Council or Circle.
A little harvest:
“We are all holding some kind of pain, struggle or conflict. We often carry it away to the side to be with it on our own. It builds a sense of isolation, and we creep into it – it becomes bigger than we are.

We have here, together, a container that transcends and embraces our struggles and our hopes and joys, our present and our future. It is made up of the consciousness that we all partake of and participate in. What we individually bring is our unique personal perspectives. That struggle between what we aspire to and what we perceive as present and real is arising inside that vast field of consciousness. We are big enough to hold it ALL and still have room to seed the future with what emerges from the centre of our circle.”

One of us wrote: “I’m still digesting what happened. I would not hesitate to call it a peak experience.”

The play game: The imaginal cells

Saturday, April 16th, 2005

Convinced that we need to think out of the box, creating a new reality and not improving the existing one; the image of the imaginal cells is very, very useful.
If we are the imaginal cells, then we have the response-ability to call next reality into existence. First by resonating with some other individuals – also imaginal cells -, then by coming together in small groups, online and offline; and finally by groups who join each other and form the organs of the new Being. In these little groups we can grow views on which organ we belong to. Collaborative, social tools like blogging and wikis can provide us with support to bring ideas, images and functions easily together in a flowing form.