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Beyond Greed and Scarcity

Friday, July 17th, 2009

I have been reading Bernard Lietaer’s book ‘The Future of Money’ many years ago, when I realised that regarding to money, I wasn’t able at all to think ‘outside of the box’. Since then I learned about many initiatives and conversations that are searching a way of how to see economics and the money system different in the new way of living and working we are looking for.

Even if I read nothing really new in this article from Yes! Magazine, I still read it from the first till the last line… maybe of interest to you too?!

Artful Leadership

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Sitting outside in my garden on this summerlike Spring evening, the fragrance of a special apple three fills my nose. How abundant nature is! The three is full, full of uncountable little white flowers, spreading its smell with no holding back.

I just finished reading the book Artful Leadership by Michael Jones. The subtitle is: Awakening the Commons of the Imagination. The first chapter is called: A Walk in the Park; The Personal and Social Artistry of Leadership. It says:

In times of uncertainty
we need to look to the spaces between
for order and coherence –
to gifts, beauty, grace, voice and wholeness –
what may be called the commons of the imagination.
Awakening to the presence of the commons
in both the personal and the public imagination
is our new art form.
It is also the leader’s new work.

For me it is a book of great inspiration. I made notes on almost every page! You have to read if you are more or less interested in Leadership for the future. It holds equal value as the book Presence, by Otto Scharmer and his colleagues. Michael, being a musician, and knowing a lot about writers, poets etc. can give beautiful words, poems and quotes to what will be essential qualities for all of us, and leaders in particular.I enjoyed reading it, as much as enjoying the smell and the view of my neighbour’s apple three.

A good thing to do…

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

Thanks Chris Corrigan for this link! I love it!

Would love to see this happen in my train tomorrow…

How will a new Money ethic look like?

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

I my search for the fundamental ‘building blocks’ or organising principles for our future society, George advised me to read The hacker ethic, by Pekka Himanen.
For me it is a great book, although it is probably ‘old’ for the real hackers, because it is written in 2001. Basically the hacker’s ethic has three components: a Work Ethic, a Money Ethic and a Nethic or Network Ethic.

The Work Ethic resonates deep within myself. Being a self employed psychotherapist I have the freedom and the responsibility for my own agenda. I do the work that I love and live my life totally as I want it to be. And I can see how this part of the ethic is finding and will find it’s way to society.

But how can the Money Ethic be applied broadly?
That’s an important question that I hold. And Pekka Himanen notices also that here “reactions are bound to be more divided”. But if we want an enlightened society, our relation to money will need to change too.
Probably it is not our relation to money that should change, but what do we call property and what not?

In contrast with the ruling paradigm of “information-owning”, “the original computer-hacker ethic emphasized openness”, the ethical duty to share their expertise. In fact “creations are given away to others”.
This originates in or is alike with the culture of scientists, where information is freely shared between peers.
So, how would an open-source enterprise look like? Or an open-source society? It seems “not allowed” to close off information to others.

Himanen raises the question “Could there be a free market economy in which competition would not be based on controlling information but on other factors…?”
Maybe this basic assumption of competition as a basic rule in economy can be questioned.
What about a free market economy based on cooperation?
Isn’t it what nature does?