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Preparation of Women Moving the Edge 11

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

This post was written on Oct. 13, but that doesn’t matter too much. For you, readers, this gathering can just start tommorow, instead of 13 days ago.

Autumn is really present here. Most trees have already lost a lot of leaves, or are showing the yellows, browns and reds that make autumn so beautiful. Yesterday was a day full of fog and later a lot of rain. We are here in Three Rivers, Michigan, for the 11th WMtE11 Women Moving the Edge gathering, on invitation of Ruth Eichler and it is in her house that we are gathering.

Yesterday Judy, Ruth and myself had a day of preparation; it went smooth and easy. I like when conversations and small actions flow easily from one into the other, without much checking or needing to seek agreement. We were in the flow together of what needed to happen: both deeper connection on the topic and the many small details to make all logistics work.

The theme or guiding question is articulated as follows:
WMtE11 question small

After some silence we checked in with what was present, and the dialogue unfolded from there.

One of the themes was the understanding that there is reciprocity between humans and the subtle realms.
Reciprocal joy.
Reciprocal gratitude.
Mutual evolution.

As much as the mutual evolution of humans and the subtle realms is new to me -but makes a lot of sense – the concept of reciprocity is still a two-way relationship; back and forth and not too difficult to understand once you are open for it. I recently heard a woman-scientist explain the latest findings in science, which make a combination of relativity theory + quantum physics + consciousness and is linked with the notion of Planck scale (or more here). As far as I understood, on that ‘level’ all is information, and all is fractal. Everything has fractal dimensions; expressions on all levels. I am not at all stating that I can fully comprehend what she was trying to explain, but what I got is that reality, or the universe, is holographic in its nature. This is way beyond ‘back and forth’. This is ‘inter-dimensional’, where all dimensions are not just ‘connected’, but interweaving and interpenetrating each other.
Now that is something totally different!

It reminds of Brian Swimme explaining one power (out of ten) in the universe, called Expansion. He tried to convey the image that the universe is at all moments expanding in all directions. Not just from one point; not just in one direction. But expanding from every point you can imagine; in all directions; all the time.

My head was – and still is – crunching to take this really in.
Expanding from every point you can imagine;
in all directions;
all the time.

Living in a holographic universe: How can we language that with our linear built-up sentences?

And even more important: How do we embody that concept, in a way that it speaks in and through all our day-to-day actions; instead of just understanding it as a concept?

Chocolate and subtle sensing

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

People who know me in real time know that I love desserts. I used to say that it is my only addiction, as I don’t like coffee, don’t smoke and I am not fond of alcohol. Really, I have decided more than hundred times that I would stop eating (too much) chocolate or cookies and I never really managed.

Now something has shifted.

Since I am a very physically based person, and I am trained in emotional bodywork, I have an easy connection with subtle feelings in my body. Normally, when I go to bed, I fully stretch myself out and connect with a deep relaxation, both in my body and in my breath. This is a practice that has installed itself over the years. At some point I turn myself, lie on my side and fall asleep immediately.

During one of these evening sessions I noticed that my stomach was not relaxed; actually I realized it never is! Mmmm… something needed to be done here…

I focused on relaxing it and little shocks – more like tremblings – were releasing through my body. Somehow I could sense a fear when I tried to release even more. Not a big fear, but something on a very, very subtle level. It would be accurate to say that the fear wasn’t quite emotional, but was more on the level of my cells; almost instinctual. Doing this every evening I became aware that I had grounded myself in my stomach! Strange to say, but that was how it felt. Unconsciously – from early childhood – I had clinked to my stomach for security. Now I understood why I would always eat and snack more while being in any kind of stressful environment.

This brought a next awareness or insight about what I think grounding really means. I have always been a stable person – both physically and emotionally – and my ‘not so fine’ legs are a signal of this. For me it is easy to keep my balance and my legs have a lot of strength. It means I always have felt safe – and grounded – on/in my own legs. But I realized that feeling this is still not a real sense of grounding. Grounding has to do with ease and relax in your body, but it should also include a connection to the context you are in at the moment.

Back to chocolate, cookies, cake and eating. My eating pattern has really changed since I started relaxing my stomach. I notice it is now easy to eat just what I consciously decide to, and there are no moments – no! really! – when an invisible hand takes over and opens the cupboard or reaches for a next portion. I don’t even have to think about it, or ‘work’ on it.

It is relief – and the scale shows less weight – but most importantly it is a confirmation that I/we can reach subtle information in our bodies, and best of all: it helps or heals issues that always looked incurable.


Thursday, August 20th, 2009

(This is the text of my recent Newsletter – with an addition by Ashley Cooper).
Last week I took a day off to go to the Belgian coast with a friend. Actually, we were lovers once upon a time. Probably you know the feeling of getting into ‘the old track of conflict’…

We had good conversations over lunch in Bruges, one of the most famous and picturesque cities in Belgium. We had walked on the boardwalk in the port of Ostend; I had taken a long walk on the beach while he took a nap. Now we found ourselves in a restaurant at the beach, eating fish.

He said something,
and I replied. No – I reacted.
Then he reacted.
And then I stopped.

I could feel it immediately! There was an emotional charge in my tone; I was out of my center and in a position of making sure my point came across. I stopped and asked if I had been harsh/hard on him. But I didn’t need to ask, I knew it already. My body had told me.

This to me is an example of embodiment of consciousness; a sensing so fine that it can distinguish the subtle differences between actions coming from ego or from our center. I see a rise in the importance of embodiment. Both in new, innovative ways like The 16 Ways of Dylan Newcomb, the fascinating world of Take Tina, and in my own co-hosted program of Women Moving the Edge. Also in the mastery of lineages that are applied to our current times, like the Conscious Embodiment of Wendy Palmer and the Warrior of the Heart; both sprouted from the old roots of Aikido.

You may wonder why this is important…
It is about being present,
Fully aware of what you radiate out to others,
Open to subtle sensing of yourself, the other and what is in between.
It is about knowing your inner ground,
And being able to return to it easily when you lose it.
It is about the capacity to act form your center,
When the world gets complex and chaotic.

It’s about being ready for the times ahead. Please don’t suspend till later.
These times are approaching rapidly.

Ashley responded: “on your embodiment poem, I played with it a little bit to reflect my own experience.” Here is her version:

Fully aware of what you radiate through your inner ground
and out to others
Open to subtle sensing of yourself, the other and what is in between.

And being able to return to your inner ground easily when you lose it.
It is about the capacity to act form your center,
When the world gets complex and chaotic.

Thanks Ashley!