WMtE 13 – Capitalism is exhausted

Again, I’m sitting outside in the morning, the sun is doing its best! I’m sitting with the sound of birds – many different ones, and the sunlight pouring through the huge pine trees. I recognize now the song of the wood thrush, a bird we don’t have in Belgium. I’ve also come to know the sound of the tree frogs, mostly in the afternoon and the evening.

The blue lilies have opened up themselves during our time here, and a lot of buds are ready to burst open with some more warmth and light. I notice the sound of wild turkeys, and now and then a car passing by. This is gracious land, kept untouched, undeveloped they name it, for different generations, and it is bursting with life!

It is easy to stay centered and openhearted in this environment. Encountered with noises of breakfast preparations during the morning meditation, L. shared this question with us: Can we meet and great ‘the plastic bag’ with the same reverence and presence than (ideal) nature? It might not have this memory from itself… nature seems to have this immanent presence, this inner stillness, which is probably why it reminds us of our inner presence and why it feels so nurturing and restoring to us.

B. shared the profound insight she got by getting feedback from a few others and how she realized deeply that we need a conscious collective to point this out to us, in respect and love. It re-members us that we are also the deep water, the depth of the ocean and not only the stories – the family stories, the media stories, our childhood stories…

This brought us to: What is the next story for society? Rekindling a memory in myself of deep seeing that both communism and capitalism had a positive core when they started forming, but over the years these evolutionary experiments have hit a wall of going too extreme. I can’t describe the laughter that erupted from J., linking her sudden tiredness with ‘maybe capitalism is exhausted!’ It showed us the bigger evolutionary perspective and how funny and relative all ‘fighting for god causes’ or ‘struggle against what goes wrong’ actually is.

It was time for a break (and again yammy smoothies made by J.!)

After the break we used systemic constellation work to look into the evolving project on this land, to learn that relationships needed to be re-established to be able to move to the next step.

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