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The united people of the Spirit world

Monday, October 31st, 2011

A certain moment – this was our first full day together – somebody started some music and sound (toning), soon followed by others joining in. I listened and couldn’t join in, because I lacked a specific intention to do that. Sound and toning was very present in this gathering, which is no surprise as Ruth, the caller of this gathering, has held a Sound School for many years, and many of its participants were now here. Later I would learn from the systemic constellation that Sound is a way of how the Light gets in.

It was clear that this collective sounding had triggered a lot in others. One was a transmission that had a lot of power for us; it was shared three times in the circle:

WMtE11 sitting woman smallWe, the united people of the Spirit world,

sit around you, above and below you

in loving support for all you are – and all that you will be.

The world calls you forth to represent

all these who are not yet evolved

and ready to stand for the new way in the new way in the new world.

Be save in your journey

as we are present to protect you and your dreams.

Speak your dream for the world,

because the world needs to know.

We are at the apex of the future emerging.

We can either…

And there it stopped.

Was this for us to choose?

Either…. Or ….?

But what if we go beyond the duality here? Then it is not about choosing between options, then it is about ‘the cloud of probability’ (from quantum science) and it is about creating! Then it can be about light, love and community all the time!

Invoking and conscious conception

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

This was the most amazing start of a Women Moving the Edge gathering! The practice of speaking from a centered place, from a place where no or hardly any personality is involved was there right from the start. I noticed the years and years of spiritual practice that were present in the circle – from many lifetimes even – and they formed a strong band around our circle, a strong container for the new to emerge.

Many forms of knowing were shared: stories from visiting other cultures, dreams from long time ago, sound and toning expressing the unspeakable, drawings and colors, a song, a channeling etc. etc. It was a deep and rich mix with lots of synchronicities. And also lots of points not understood.

Not fully.

Not yet.

WMtE11 feminine lifght medium

We have two big groups present here, like two tribes almost: six women who went together on a trip to Egypt one and a half year ago, then some local women who are/were participants in some of Ruth’s gatherings; then some other like me, with no connection to either of these groups. All bring in a lot of skills of relating with the subtle realms, although in many different forms and expressions; as if we need to learn from each other.

The circle was binding together easily and quickly after we had jointly called in the four directions and many other beings and energies from many dimensions. This calling in of the subtle worlds, so explicitly, is new to our Women Moving the Edge work; but it seemed to naturally flow from the topic of our question. If we want to co-create together with the subtle, the least is to invite them in, no?

As this calling in is traditionally named as invocation, I had been wondering if there is a difference between inviting and invoking. Inviting seems to be from the heart, a warm and friendly atmosphere. Invoking seems to imply a stronger connection, almost like a demand, but also an offering of presence of ourselves, not only from the heart, but from an aligned space including the soul. I don’t know if this is ‘right’, but that is what it seems to me.

Joy was present – here and ‘over there’.

“Can one know joy?” – a question to ponder over a lifetime.

And the answer found: “I do know joy a lot!”

Gratefulness was present too.

WMtE11 shelanagig smallRecently I had seen a video fragment with a native elder from a small island west of Canada. He spoke about installing an outer womb in the circle – a creative act to be done by women in order to bring about the new world order. I spoke this into the circle, and was wondering what it really meant for us now.

Here are his words regarding this piece: “There is a sacred vibrational field inside a woman that we have forgotten to honor; that is the place of all the things born… that nothing new can be birth without women. What women have done before time began, was taking that sacred vibration and move it outside in ceremonial space to create the womb on the outside vibrationally; so that something new can be birthed in this world. And we have forgotten that point. And it’s really, really important now. We, as men, we have to be the new spiritual warriors, the ones that protect the sacred space of the women so that they can do their work.  If we are looking for change in this world – from a physical and spiritual standpoint – it will never happen until we restore that place, until we help women do that… nothing new will be created. If we don’t do it, we as a human species, I believe, are done for.”

WMtE11 Cari smallMy wandering thoughts brought me to what Cari said yesterday: “What if we all had conscious conceptions?” She was referring to real conceptions of real baby’s – I think -, but what if this is also true for every aspect of the new of way of being for humans and the Earth? What if every organization and project starts from a conscious conception? What if we hold together a collective womb, an empty space full of potential, where the seed of evolution is allowed to enter and to seed the next?

One woman in the circle spoke that ‘the ring pass not’ (some astrological explanation could explain where this came from, but that is really not my cup of tea) between the mundane and the subtle is changing now, and that it becomes a place of interpenetration – where the different dimensions touch each other as the weft and warp in a piece of cloth. She explained that each of these new touching points is a new center from where life and evolution can now unfold. Another way of understanding the expansion I mentioned before, in my previous blog post.

Preparation of Women Moving the Edge 11

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

This post was written on Oct. 13, but that doesn’t matter too much. For you, readers, this gathering can just start tommorow, instead of 13 days ago.

Autumn is really present here. Most trees have already lost a lot of leaves, or are showing the yellows, browns and reds that make autumn so beautiful. Yesterday was a day full of fog and later a lot of rain. We are here in Three Rivers, Michigan, for the 11th WMtE11 Women Moving the Edge gathering, on invitation of Ruth Eichler and it is in her house that we are gathering.

Yesterday Judy, Ruth and myself had a day of preparation; it went smooth and easy. I like when conversations and small actions flow easily from one into the other, without much checking or needing to seek agreement. We were in the flow together of what needed to happen: both deeper connection on the topic and the many small details to make all logistics work.

The theme or guiding question is articulated as follows:
WMtE11 question small

After some silence we checked in with what was present, and the dialogue unfolded from there.

One of the themes was the understanding that there is reciprocity between humans and the subtle realms.
Reciprocal joy.
Reciprocal gratitude.
Mutual evolution.

As much as the mutual evolution of humans and the subtle realms is new to me -but makes a lot of sense – the concept of reciprocity is still a two-way relationship; back and forth and not too difficult to understand once you are open for it. I recently heard a woman-scientist explain the latest findings in science, which make a combination of relativity theory + quantum physics + consciousness and is linked with the notion of Planck scale (or more here). As far as I understood, on that ‘level’ all is information, and all is fractal. Everything has fractal dimensions; expressions on all levels. I am not at all stating that I can fully comprehend what she was trying to explain, but what I got is that reality, or the universe, is holographic in its nature. This is way beyond ‘back and forth’. This is ‘inter-dimensional’, where all dimensions are not just ‘connected’, but interweaving and interpenetrating each other.
Now that is something totally different!

It reminds of Brian Swimme explaining one power (out of ten) in the universe, called Expansion. He tried to convey the image that the universe is at all moments expanding in all directions. Not just from one point; not just in one direction. But expanding from every point you can imagine; in all directions; all the time.

My head was – and still is – crunching to take this really in.
Expanding from every point you can imagine;
in all directions;
all the time.

Living in a holographic universe: How can we language that with our linear built-up sentences?

And even more important: How do we embody that concept, in a way that it speaks in and through all our day-to-day actions; instead of just understanding it as a concept?