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Your deepest self is your home

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

I have read some books from Mindell, but never got to any of his trainings in Worldwork, but it seems fascinating. Recently, I got a link to this video from Yuliaya, living and working in Kiev, and organising these trainings there.
I might go there one day…
There are a lot of good, great ideas in this video; worthwhile listening more than once!

Extraordinary women

Friday, August 5th, 2011

women_peace kleurrijk

The late British economist Robert Theobald once asked me, “of all the people you have interviewed over the years, who left the deepest impression?”

His question was not easy to answer. Memorable conversations, I find, often have less to do with the person you’re speaking with and more to do with the insights they lead you to. Nevertheless I came up with a half-dozen names.

To my surprise, all of them were women.

“Why do you think they were all women?” he asked.

I ventured something about how women seem more grounded in their own experience and their own inner authority.

That was true for him as well, he said.

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