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Another harvest

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Plugged in, recharged.
A core center moving out to wider circles.

Energizing parts of ourselves,
Revealing relationships.

A wandering, spiritual guide.
On the edge, showing differences.

Things getting clear, moving forward
With more light to be shed.

Rooting and grounding,
Continuing to grow wisdom within ourself, within systems.

Powerful, hopeful.
Creating intentions.

Up there on the edge,
Only way off to fly.

by Madeline shared at the end of the check in circle, after a one day Systemic Constellation workshop.

Vibrations of Joy

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Here is more harvest from our latest mini Women Moving the Edge; made by the same participant as the previous one. You can sense the different energy of that afternoon…

Vibrations of Joy

Holding back,
Letting it soak in.
Not pouting in a corner

The freedom is always there.
It depends on us taking it.

We are going to collage!

Sensing the subtle.
Jump over and get the brush!

What’s behind the veil?
An extended horizon.

Honor the mystery.
Be childlike, even in power.


Be open to every joy.

A harvest from Women Moving the Edge

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

A few days ago we had a mini Women Moving the Edge gathering, starting with an outside circle on Midsummer – with lots and lots of musquitos! As these gatherings go, it is sometimes hard to share later what happened and what we actually talked about, or what emerged out of the collective inquiry. I was more than happy that one of the participants shared a collective harvest after each major part of the gathering! She learned – or maybe remembered? – this skill while attending an Art of Hosting training, and seeing others doing it.

To get a full sense of this, picture a circle of women, sitting outside in the evening, next to a beautiful pond…
or inside with some candles lit and beautiful flowers in the middle…
and take your time to read the sentences slowly…

Soapstone Balance

Balance, stepping back to savor, feeding the spirit.
Embodiment of the subtle
Experiencing sound, a coursing energy,
Feeling nourished, curious beyond the realm of present.

Can I hear it now?

Living a fulfilled life.
“Tell the people”, a recipe for replenishments.
The Power of Now.
Moving something on the surface, being open to the mystery.

In awe of how the universe works.
What will it take to remember the beauty on the other side?

Synesthesia, senses intertwining
Sharing a dream of being rushed, missing the bus to Finn.
Do you feel like breaking the temple?
What rhythm do I want in my life?
Moving into a cycle that I want to be in.

Why does singing bring joy?
Why does creating something bring joy?
Measuring a multi-vibrational harmony.
Joy and Beauty, a point to measure ourselves against.

Natural rhythm, new manifestations, a specific way to perceive the subtle.
Seeing, hearing, sensing, knowing.

What are we perceiving as right or almost right?

Sitting with excuses, not open in the morning.
Experiencing how the universe flows through me & the group.
Joyful or staying with whatever is in us.

Resilience, fatigued but not stressed.
A capacity to hold things when we have an alignment with our soul path,
Fully engaged in life.

A sacred circle to invoke and welcome the space.
Tuning in, however belatedly.
Things walk through our space, braiding things that happen willy nilly.

An ever fading and replenishing creation.
Being and seeing in different ways.
Vibrational essences, a mix of random patterns.
Different ways of experiencing life and joys and place.

The earth in larger cycles that we don’t understand.
Chaos as a natural rhythm, subtle sensing.
An ever evolving alignment.

The Future calling us to step up, be present.
Seeing or not seeing, we sense.

Part of the “Us”.

Five great principles – Prepare to get political

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Reposting my Facebook message here:

Nice blog post by somebody I didn’t know before (thanks Sheri!) and great five principles he describes from his field of work, but something to keep in mind for all of us:
Stay niche (aka be unique),
Embrace wickedness (I love that one!),
Edit out the genius stuff (it must be understandble by your grandparents);
Be a Breathing Space and last one:
Prepare to get political (in a new sense, I would add).

And a place where these principles are at play: on the squares in Spain and Greece. You can read reports from people who were in Athens yesterday. Good stuff is happening, and it is different than what the ‘normal’ media are telling.

More from Japan

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Some weeks ago I posted some letters here from Bob Stilger, being in Japan. In the meantime he has opened a website where you can follow his adventures and musings on what is going on and what should/will happen there.

Here are some of his pictures: