The power of art

I came acrossa blog posting by Arlene Goldbard saying this – bolding is mine!:

Below is a video made by Helen Titchen Beeth, from footage taken during our recent (10th!) Women Moving the Edge gathering. It ‘speaks’ about how we connect to different realms of knowing, when using art, color, lines…

And then I came across a blog post, written by Arlene Goldbard, related with this – bolding is mine!
“In my most recent talk, I spoke of six capacities best learned through art – social imagination, connectivity, improvisation, cultural citizenship, empathy, creativity – and their essential roles in so many realms: human evolution, healing, education, even the remarkable changes taking place in Tunisia and Egypt. My aim was to show how something that had been trivialized into mere entertainment is actually the secret of survival and resilience; and thereby to encourage people to show up full-size, claiming the space and support that the public interest in culture really warrants.”

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