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Using fossil fuel

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

In the recent stewards gathering of the Art of Hosting I heard a really good argument that heals my uneasiness about using so much fossil fuels while travelling by airplane.
My permaculture heart and mind was not at ease with doing so, but somehow – from a deep soul level inside – there was this urge to do it anyway. Now Bob S. said: “As long as they use so much fuels for airplanes in wars and to carry bombs and armies on these huge flagships, as long we have time to use these fuels too!”

That was a real new argument to me, and it makes a lot of sense. We probably need to do these gatherings and this work until all this war-related use is over.

Kufunda Gathering – Part 10 of 10

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

We had opened many of our days with the greeting of the four directions in this TaiChi way, and on this last day it was no different. Bev had told before that she had drawn cards for every day of our gathering and she drew four times of seven the card of Destiny. On this Sunday it was Accalia who had drawn a card and guess what? Destiny again.

Maria journalling

Also the invitation was read once more, another bit of our default morning opening… “the land is calling for reconnection”. It seemed that the constellation had slowed all of us down, and after reviewing the whole process of our days together by Suzanne, Maria invited us into the theme of the day: Creating and illuminating the web that we are. She read what she had received the day before in the silence on the land. It was very evocative, maybe provocative for some, and we asked her to read it once more.

I had read it a few times the day before and I still heard new elements in it. The person sitting next to me expressed in a whisper how meaningful and surprising it was to her. Later at lunch two people said that bees had been in their dreams this week.

From this vision the whole design of the morning had unfolded and Maria named the difference of people present here:
– the stewards, the ones who heard a call from the land and took all the efforts to manifest some kind of place.
– the nomads, the ones who feel called to travel between cultures and places
– the ones wanting to manifest a place
– people who want to make a difference
– people in not-knowing, in a question

Jackie and Patricia

We were given some time to spend alone or with a few mates to answer some questions that would reveal some of the essence of our places and our journeys. On the floor were laid out concentric circles, with Africa in the middle, as zone 0 of humanity, and other continents spread out from there. I don’t think it would fully match with how humans have spread across the globe but it gave a sense of differences between the cultures on the continents.

What unfolded during this day was most amasing. What originally was seen as the morning took us the whole day, and the zones pictured in the concentric circles became a spiral.

One by one we stepped forward, presenting the place that we are stewarding, the journey we had taken as nomads and how we connected places and gatherings, more stories of how new places want to come into being. We also named some places that we know are of the same resonance and are connected in this web. As each one stepped into the spiral literally showing where their place was, or where their journey took them, or where they were holding some dreams and questions, the authenticity deepened and deepened… deeply held dreams were spoken, deeply held sensing capacities were shared… support was promised and shown by standing up at the end of the shared stories… Both the constellation and this illumination of the web made visible the same field we are in; instead of being all separated and fragmented.


I gave up writing or harvesting, it just was too much. I had some slight headache, which always happens when some deep energetic field is shifting. At some point I had to lay down, still listening very attentive to all what was shared, but relaxing my body. I wondered what was going on and what I became aware of is that a huge new container of potential was opening. Somehow my body was adjusting to that shift.

It was a ceremony from beginning to end. It took some stamina to stay seated for many hours and keep on listening, but the deep authenticity was seducing and all of us stayed in circle for the whole day. We were indeed illuminating the web that exists and that most of us hadn’t seen before.

The day after, with the hosting team looking back, we saw it as some alchemy that had happened. We had come together as some raw material that slowly was mingled and mixed in the process of this gathering, in this crucible of Kufunda Village. The intentions of all of us to come here and to share from the depths of our essence was the fire that drove our process. The gold were the dreams for the future that were spoken and the support received from many. It seems that being in silence, the constellation and this day of ritual – all elements of ceremony that gave some structure – allowed for stepping forward from a deeper level of leadership and to witness each other. When we see the web we are connected into, the individual power becomes present.

Patricia alive!

After this illumination of the web, we closed with an activation of it, again in a ritual way. We were all asked the question if we wanted to engage with this web of connections and having the freedom to answer in whatever way was appropriate. I think it was a big thing to do, remembering the systemic constellation from the day before where the Web of Relationships was left out of the activity, lying on the floor, almost till the end of the constellation.

As I am writing this last bit, people have already left since yesterday or the day before, and also now are people packing and having their last conversations. A few of us stay a little more, engaging with the permaculture garden or other projects in the village. It has been a time of deep connection and some magic…
I’m leaving with the question what the effect will be of this illuminating and activating of the web…
this web of people and places…
Earth and Humanity…

(pictures by Joanne de Nobriga or myself)