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Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

One of my friends of Women Moving the Edge, Cari, send a link to a TED video that she is enthused about. (many, many good video’s there! ) And I fully agree! It is a famous writer (which I didn’t know before…), Elisabth Gilbert, talking about the creative process and the role of the ‘daimon’ or ‘genius’.

This is the announcement on the TED page:

Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses — and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius. It’s a funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk.

Cari wrote in her note to us: “… can’t help feeling just listening to it again after a while that she is talking about source. … I think what we (Women Moving the Edge) are working with a is a reliable, replicable practice to call on and be with and come from source such that the capriciousness that she speaks of (the maddening part of creativity historically) is diminished. Like a channel we are receiving stronger or evolving into hearing better, louder, clearer over time….

Over the last months and even years I have been writing down the learnings, insights and patterns that have come out of the 9 iterations of the Women Moving the Edge gatherings; and much is about source, sourcing and collective sourcing. I just started the process to let the manuscript be read by a few of my dear friends and co-creators in this experiment. Helen just recently, took one part of it, and turned it into a beautiful blogpost! Just read along!


Monday, September 6th, 2010

Recently, I have been for two weeks ‘on the road’. I put it into brackets as I haven’t been driving a lot, as I was mainly hosted in two places. One place was with my friend Judy, in Gloucester, near Boston, and the other place was at Chris and Caitlin’s house on Bowen Island near Vancouver.


What I appreciate so much is how my friends open their house in a most natural way. It really makes me feel at home to know that I am trusted that I can make my own tea whenever I want it. It is both nice that at one time they prepare a meal for me to join and at other times they trust that I find the food and the snacks myself. The most fun is that I am allowed to do some little tending in the garden. In Judy’s place I made sure that her big geranium (right name is Pelargonium) will look beautiful again, with lots of flowers, in a few weeks time. Being with Chris in their garden I told him how to prune his outdoor tomatoes. Most of this I learned from my dad and through my own experience. It is so rewarding to pass some of the knowledge on to others.


I made this trip to join in two different gatherings, one was named the Art of Humans Being and the second one was a gathering of stewards of the Art of Hosting. Many times it is named that the work we do through this network is build on friendship. Maybe it is even bigger than friendship. Of course a deep trust in each other is part of it, but it has also to do with the recognition of a certain resonance. It feels to me that this shared vibration includes more than a ‘normal’ friendship, because there is also a deep trust in the unfolding of our future story. There is an inner knowing that we are in deep transition time on the globe and we all want to spread the essential skills of hosting conversations that matter. It was amazing to see the long and inspiring list of all the projects we are all involved with.

The resonance is also about being constant learners and constantly reflecting on where our actions and thoughts originate. This makes for open minds and big open hearts. Sensing, seeing this resonance is always assuring to me and it nurtures my soul! My guess is that if our souls come even into deeper resonance amazing, unexpected and wonderful things will happen.

First picture taken on Bowen Island, where I was hosted by Caitlin and Chris. It is part of quite a big statue, righ there when you enter the island. It is named; Embracing the Spirit of the Flame. The second picture is of Judy, during an exercise outside, in pairs. I found the expression of both speaking of friendship, and maybe or resonance?