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Interventions in a complex space

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

A little gem from Dave Snowden in a recent blogpost:

The essence of interventions in a complex space is that you get the system to model itself; you don’t (unlike systems thinking) attempt to model it. Resonates with Gell-Mann idea that the only valid model of a complex system is the system itself. Its one of the key differences between human complexity thinking on the one hand and systems thinking and aspects of computational complexity (agent based modeling) on the other. The dangers of partial or incomplete representation are too high if the system is complex and involves humans, so the focus is on whole system interventions.

Witnessing, brilliance and radical amazement

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Some time ago I posted a question on my Facebook wall: “Sitting with this question: what makes witnessing so powerful? Is it because it links with our deepest soul?” A whole lot of answers came, and really nice ones.


The question had been fueled by recent experiences in some gatherings or learning events. One was were we did a listening circle – instead of speaking when you had the talking piece, now you were the one to listen to the others who would share what they saw was your precious gift. To me, it was a very special moment and someone said: This is even beyond Appreciative Inquiry! It was special because we could all touch a layer that we normally don’t give words to. It was about each others essence. I would say it was about and from the soul level. Also in the Immersion, a learning gathering around Living Wholeness the witnessing was very present.

Here are some of the answers that came on my FB page:
I have been sitting with this question as well 🙂 Some words from Alan Watts made me wonder if that’s a possible answer!
“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” ~ Alan Watts

Often I’m reminded that our anatomy doesn’t let us see our own beauty except in a mirror. We can do that for each other!

There is definitely something about being seen and heard – and maybe that is about the universe being seen and heard through each of us.

mirror neurons?

perhaps the gracefulness of not attempting to change but accepting something…

there’s also something about seeing and hearing ourselves within that process which makes it so potent for me too.

The Vedas talk about unmanifest Being splitting itself into Rishi, Devata and Chandas – the Knower, the Process of Knowing and the Known – in order that it might know itself. Witnessing is a practice of being consciously aware of all three to complete the trinity, rather than just focusing on the ‘Known’ …

Isn’t there a lot of wisdom in my friends? I really was surprised by the abundance of the answers, as this was more or less the first time I engaged myself in this way on Facebook!

It is just a ride…

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

This is a small video that I immediately repost after seeing it! It fits my recent, deeper insight that this is not about the new story, but about the next story, in an infinite ongoing bigger story.

Relationship between old and new story

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

The Open Space session that I convened in the afternoon of the third day was framed as: How will the relationship be between Citizens, Economy and Politics in the new story?, using the systemic constellation work as a way of going with it. Some of the participants were interested in the topic, others came more to have an experience with the method as such. As much as I have done and participated in constellations, I was once again fascinated by ‘the result’ we got out of only half hour of concentrating on this question.

I will list here the elements that showed up; as I, as the constellator, left it open to the participants of what they felt called to represent. First came up the Statue of Liberty – amazing for me as a European! – and then followed by the Old Story, a Human Being, the Commons, Nature and the New Story.

Here is the story as we read and showed in the convergence of the Open Space to the other participants.

I, the Old Story/System feel grounded and rooted at the Statue of Liberty.
I, the New Story must spring out of the Old Story.
I, the Commons find my source in nature.
I, Nature only see nature and can only sense something of the old story.
I, Human Being, want connection with Nature and the New Story.
I, State of Liberty, I am here to serve you as your symbol and invite you to re-symbolise and rename me. I was born as a radical idea, what is the current version of this?

I, Old Story, see everything shifting around me, and I am indifferent to all of it.
I, the New Story need to back away from the Old Story and find a new relationship with Nature and Human Being.
I, Human Being, feel damned important that the New Story and nature need me.
I, the Commons, feel the call to re-symbolise the Statue of Liberty.
I, the New Story feel the need to shake hands with the Old Story.

It is interesting to note here that in the unfolding of the constellation New Story was not inclined to look at Old Story; and Old Story wasn’t interested in anything at all; it was just there. It took an intervention of me, the constellator to ask them to look at each other; which they then did without problem. I asked the New Story to express in a way her gratefulness of what the Old Story had provided for. That seemed to be exactly the energy she was sensing, which was expressed in her wish to shake hands. Also important to note that the Old Story was slightly less rigid after hearing the gratitude.

I, the Old Story, feel indifferent but open to suggestions.
I, Nature, am vast, timeless, expansive and eroded many stories, and will in the future.
I, New Story, need to revolve around to be able to see all the other elements.
I, Old Story, feel a strong impulse to step away: one, then two, then three fast steps from all the shifts and movements.

The new symbol for the Statue of Liberty is a tree! (said by the Commons)
I, the New Story, turn my side to the Old Story; now facing everyone else.
I, the Statue of Liberty, look forward to the new symbol… to the energy directed to the re-symbolising.
I, Human Being, wanted to shrink.

The most important insight for me was that in the framework of evolution and the large cycles of life, this is not the new story! This is just a next story, and it needs to find the right relationship with the one that came before. There is not a real jump that can be made where you can leave everything behind… and I am more than happy that the story so far provides me with internet, and transport and laptops and health care that can do amasing things… and much, much more!

the pond

Nuggets of learning

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

We had a most wonderful day – the third – in our learning gathering Art of Humans Being. It was juicy, it had song, it had a lot of embodied stuff… I think you can say it had a wholeness and fullness to it and I saw a lot of twinkling eyes and many, many conversations going on.

I want to share the nuggets we shared at the end of the day in the ceremony firecircle, here on the land. There was no fire, but there was the music of the flute that welcomed us; as it had done in the morning. And we all wrote down one specific learning of the day about repatterning and the new story. Here we go: (again read out slowly to let it all sink in!)

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Trust source operating through ourselves – we already have it.
Body and Nature; Simple and Elegant.
Going with the flow, relaxed about outcome.
What are the questions that lead us to feel most alive?
It is not the new story being better than the old on; it is the next story building on the previous one.
The system works. Relax. Let go. Trust.
With trust, love deeply in the old and new story.
Form a new relationship with souls purpose and step into our fullness, naked and courageous.
Separate acting, community acting; it is all the same act.
Living in a new way, a new story.
Let our collective music arise from source.
Strengthening and listening to body wisdom.
Build a nest, let it rest. The rest will build the rest.
Lovingly held and gently hosted spaces; heartfelt wisdom flowing freely.
Magic of the flute.
Deep, deep, deep listening to higher self and purpose.
Experience. Wait. Ask. Listen.
My highest self is participatory.
Dear universe, What do I want to tell you that you don’t already know? You tell me. I’ll try to listen. Hey, thanks.
A little can be a lot.
The new stories are infinite and alluring, filling up with awe, curiosity and exitement. Gratitude for friendship.
I am here now.