Chilly morning and some clouds… would it rain on our last day of this gathering Meaning in Place, which was also the end of the Axladitsa Immersion?

No, it didn’t. The air was so clear we could easily see the islands in the Aegean that are mostly hidden somewhere in the foggy meeting of sea and sky.
Again we opened space to give everyone the opportunity to explore the last topic before going home. Mary did a wonderful job in framing us in – with intention and attention – to have our day with a blending of our energies in service of the whole. Different questions, raised on the previous day, were offered to serve as inspiration.
What conversations serve the whole?
What holds us back?
What is right timing?
How do we generate meaning in the subtle arts?
How does weaving the diaphanous story-field build capacity for collective wisdom?

Diaphanous… as a non-native English speaker I had never heard of it. Transparent, yes, but … a window is not diaphanous. Jacki showed the quality by moving her arms in the air as she was doing a belly dance… a dictionary helped. It is another word with a Greek root, meaning: to show through. Other descriptions that I picked up: almost translucent, delicately hazy. This word had come up in het harvest conversation the day before. It seems to be related with both the subtle arts needed to establish new meaning in place, and with the kind of network – web – ecosystem that we are. Network reminds us of exchanging business cards, and ecosystem seems a little bit too scientific. A diaphanous web, with this qualities of very fine threads, but very strong in resilience, almost invisible, and able to pick up vibration seems like a an almost perfect description of how we are together in and across these collective inquiries. To be this web is to me the new capacity we are exploring.

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