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Instead of …

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I have been reading Dave Pollard’s blog for a long, long time. This time I want to share something – because after all he is a good writer! He goes on naming what is required from us in these times:

“Instead of seeing conceptually I have to learn to see perceptually.

Instead of using the tools of propagandized modern language, I have to learn to use the natural tools of intuition and attention and appreciation and sensation and presence.

Instead of learning based on planning and presupposition (based on what I’ve ‘learned’ before) my learning must be based on openness to all possibility, on appreciation of emergence, and most of all on humility.

Instead of applying complicated, analytical learning methods I must apply the ways of complexity: experimentation, discovery, observation, imagination, and practice.

Instead of learning by the traditional means of separating myself from the object of my study (“the environment”, “the culture”), I must learn integrally, as a connected part of all-life-on-Earth.

I have to relearn to learn how a child learns: authentically (=Gk. being oneself).

To move forward now I have to become un-civilized, wild. Agile. Authentic. Finally, fully, nobody-but-myself.


To do that I must let go of everything I believe, everything I think I ‘know’, everything I fear, everything I think is appropriate (or not), expected, accepted (and acceptable, or not), everything I have unintentionally become and everything I have ‘taken on’. All that baggage. All that stuff that holds me, holds all of us, back, and holds us in place.

I have to become light.”




I love it!

Paradise unpaved

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Yesterday, surfing on the net, following writings from friends, this is what I found: a truly, inspiring story, as much in the content as in the way it is published!

It’s all in the question

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

It’s all in the question.

Find it

Explore it

Open it up to others

Learn from it about it

Experience its power

Enjoy the feeling

Assimilate the knowledge

It’s all in the question

Written by Hala Makarem – found her blog, Inspirational Reflections, through the Presencing Institute community site.