The force of the image…

The dialogue went deep and again we were invited to join Eve-Marie in her longing to use color and express our images of the collective She or the feminine power. Judy: “I remember sensing that this emergent feminine energy carries this power of the self-generating fire storm, a powerful image for me. I recall my drawing was much bolder than any before. The emergent feminine energy holds all the dynamic tension of the ‘gentle fierceness’ that came through in the first Women Moving the Edge. It holds Wholeness of Knowing, of Being, of Doing.”

I let the drawings speak for themselves:

Our images of feminine power2 Our images of feminine power1 Our images of feminine power4 Our images of feminine power3 Our images of feminine power7 Our images of feminine power6

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  1. Congratulations! Evolutionary women in attunement/alignement with source – the creative power of our universe. Before (october) I read in your blog: “to drop yourself into the still-point within… this still point is so full of freedom; it carries all potential! My sense is that it has to do a lot with the power of women…” As I understand it you did drop yourselves in the still-point within – together! And that became manifest !
    And there is nobody to claim the result personally. And I hope your group will not do that either, because that will create the seperatedness again. So many beautiful initiatives – started in alignement with the eolutionary urge that iswithin us all – ended up as a movement or a cult. Because the ego needs seperatedness – needs to be special!
    This transparency – this open minded- open hearted open gracefull will – is the quality of the feminine principle coming alive.
    You live it – you share it – and you enjoy it. I’ll tell you: we enjoy you at the other side of the ocean. Thank you for your inspiration.
    Edda van der Hoeven – Nieuwhart

  2. Ria says:

    Thanks Edda, for your encouraging words!

  3. Elspeth says:

    Keep up the good work.

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