Women Moving the Edge2


It has been a long time since I did some blogging… but here I am again. I’m sitting here in the Boston area, in a newly painted home, some boxes still unpacked… sunrays falling through the autumn leaves outside… It is good living here, being hosted by my friend Judy, with whom I will facilitate the workshop or gathering ‘Women Moving the Edge’ from tomorrow on.

We took our time over the last two days to settle in into this emergent work. There aren’t a lot of exercices or theories to be prepared, it is more a way of getting into the right ‘space’, sensing what is the deeper purpose and intention; getting aligned between the two of us; sensing into this particular group of participants.

I love to do this kind of work; although it is hardly ‘work’ for me. It is more like a way of living, of being in the world: living a life ‘on the edge’. You might be wondering what that is… There are many entry points to start some explanation about it, and I am sure it will never be linear.

One element is living with an open mind, an intention to be constantly in learning, to enjoy the moments that I become aware that my thinking was limited, was stuck ‘in a box’, to constantly live with and in questions that really matter.

Another element is living with an open heart. Many might say that they do that also – I don’t doubt that – but for me it means that I try to overcome my sense of seperatedness. I am not a defined person that can live on its own. I exist – or: I come into being – in the ‘space in-between’, between you and me; between the trees and me; between the house and me… our language feels too small here, too limited as it uses ‘nouns’ who then can ‘do’ something, but it doesn’t give us a language for expressing the mutuality, the becoming that is happening all moments… Wouldn’t it be great to have this language where threes are named by the sound they make as the wind moves its leaves?

Living on the edge means also to be open to ‘the greater will’, to live your unique gift, to speak the right words on the right time and otherwise to be silent; to live as if always ready to die – no actions or words left for later.

This is more or less what we will try to accomplish in three days with 9 women who don’t know each other beforehand. Wondering how it will be different than the same kind of gathering we had earlier this year in Belgium. My hunch is that the listening, the openess to the subtle realities will be a little more difficult; but maybe that is my prejudice…

Women Moving the Edge2

Why women? Not from a feminist perspective, but to add some deeper awarenesss to our feminine gifts that are so needed in our world. I want to go to the heart, the essence of being feminine. The better we understand, we ‘get it’, the easier to bring it into the outside world. I think that is my gift to bring to the world…

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  1. Helen says:

    Dearest Ria and Judy,

    I’m so excited that it’s time for women to move the edge again. I could not be there in person this time, though I would have loved to. But I am there with you in that space in-between. In our co-becoming, our inter-being. Holding the subtle field in sisterhood with you all.

    … living, indeed, “as if always ready to die – no actions or words left for later”

    Let there be no more holding back on our commitment to our life on earth

  2. Dear Ria and Judy,
    Thank you for hosting this forum of beautiful and dynamic women. It was organic but not uncomfortably unstructured. We all had so much to offer each other! I appreciate the experience of how close the “circle being” (or perhaps The Soul of Humanity would be another name) is to us at all times, and how the activities of motion, dance, art, singing, etc. make it more accessible than the conscious mind. The mind was necessary to “land” the experiences, but the evocation of these creative acts was powerfully in alignment with divinity as we experienced it together. Thank you for the new appreciation of what the feminine can bring.

  3. […] We gathered for Women Moving the Edge 2at Angel’s Rest in Western Massachussets in late October of 2007.  Another amazing unfoldment of of the “Collective She” flowed naturally as nine women moved beyond personal agendas to open the Gates of the Future. Visit Ria’s Blog for the richness express through words, and here for the visual flowing through photos. (Thanks Ria) […]

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