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I want people to sail with me…

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

“I want people to sail with me through this puzzling and frightening world. I expect to fail at moments on this journey, to get lost–how could I not? And I expect that you too will fail. Even our voyage is cyclical–we can’t help but move from old to new to old. We will vacillate, one day doing something bold and different, excited over the progress, the next day, back to old behaviors, confused about how to proceed. We need to expect that we will wander off course and not make straight progress to our destination. To stay the course, we need patience, compassion, and forgiveness. We need to require this of one another. It will help us be bolder explorers. It might keep us from going mad.”

One paragraph out of an article written by Margaret Wheatley.

Friday, August 24th, 2007

“Dear Friends,

This is the time for the emergence of a new feminine archetype. I call it the “feminine cocreator.” As we have fewer children and live longer lives, as the world heads into its “crisis of birth” of a new humanity, this feminine cocreator is arising. We are giving birth to the authentic feminine self and our work in the world because it is necessary for the survival and thriving of our very species.”

This is the first paragraph of an email send out by Barbara Max Hubbard (visionary, futurist, author) to announce the Women’s Wisdom Conference: Touching Greatness, Igniting Purpose and Passion, and also the book The Power of Yin.

Just now – today – when I want to announce the second Women Moving the Edge gathering, which I host and organise with Judy Wallace from the US. This is the first paragraph from our invitation:

“A purposeful gathering of conscious women who will:
• explore and move the edge of what it means to know, sense, and be our emergent collective future potential
• hold, embrace, and birth the unfolding wholeness together
• and in this process of discovery co-create new grooves in consciousness beyond our individual and collective edge

In this gathering we will not only explore the edge, we will be it, we will do it. Our world requires of us the courage to open, to engage, to inquire, to suspend, and to explore beyond what we think we know. Together we will co-create and be the vessel to awaken the inter-subjective “We”, the Being who comes alive through all of us together, who awaits our invitation to bring collective leadership into the world.”Although they are both about The Power of Yin, the difference is that the first format is about ‘Presenters’ and the second one is about ‘Participants’…

Knowledge management

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Although many times I read and heard about Knowledge Management, I never was sure what it really meant. I give you four lines out of an interesting article about this stuff:

    • A collection of data is not information.
    • A collection of information is not knowledge.
    • A collection of knowledge is not wisdom.
    • A collection of wisdom is not truth.

Camping in Denmark

Monday, August 6th, 2007

This will read as a PR action for a camping in Vammen, somewhere in the middle of Jutland, Denmark.


First of all there is a gathering place that is cosy and inviting to sit in. Windows on two sides, looking over a long-sized lake, which is surrounded by mostly forest and some fields. I have never seen that on any camping site so far! The best it ever gets is a (good) place to play board games when it is raining.
This community place has two remarkable ‘features’. One is a big fireplace more or less in the middle, where the fire is lit every evening. The other is a corner with a piano, two guitars on the wall and two microphones beautifully integrated in the whole wooden environment. And be sure it is used! Nice too: freshly baked, organic bread every morning, announced by the sound of a kind of trumpet. Besides that, it has a little beach, canoes for hire, and it is located in a nature reserve – and guess what? – it has free internet access all over the place!

PS1. I forgot to mention the self-made apple juice.
PS2. It was fabulous weather this weekend!
PS3. Everyday they serve one ‘thing’ at a certain point of the day. Today it was the Danish version of apple crumble. Fabulous!
PS4. I enjoy it!

Waking up…

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

I finally got up this morning at 7 o’clock. Pretty early for being on holiday… Guess who wake me up? Probably some sort of mouse.

Since two nights this little creature is exploring new territory – underneath my little tent. He – or is it she? – seems to like places where there is just enough space for him to move around: under my head, my legs, my backpack…

This is how I woke up yesterday morning. Hearing some little sounds my first impression was that one of the neighbours decided to leave the camping early and was doing some packing – in a quiet way not to wake up anybody. But then the sound came my way!? Was it eating my tent??? I borrowed this tent from a friend, so I don’t need holes in it!! And I don’t want to be in a tent with an animal that I don’t know! Look how this big creature – the human – gets scared and angry by this little one!

I tried to chase it away by knocking hard on the places where I heard it ‘working’. The only result I got was some silence for a minute or so, and then it started again. I checked several times: no, it was not coming through ‘the floor’ of my tent. Relief! I could relax and finally got out of my tent.

Yesterday evening my little friend was here again. It had enlarged his territory it seemed. Now I wasn’t scared anymore, but a ‘something’ that is moving underneath your legs isn’t the right condition to fall asleep…

5.30 this morning he started again. Knowing he wouldn’t harm me I managed to sleep for one more hour. When he was digging its way right below my pillow, that got me fully awake!

So here I sit writing. All camping neighbors are still asleep, I don’t even hear a child. I guess the noise I’m hearing is this creature eating-digging-pulling the grass away to make its little tunnels. He will be ‘surprised’ when I remove the tent in a few hours.

But no, surprise can only be there when there are expectations. No, the mouse will just go on digging some other tunnels.

Is there a message in my encounter with this other living being? It seems that being small, not at all attacking, just doing what you need to do, can have a huge effect on creatures much bigger than you!

How to be human?

Saturday, August 4th, 2007
Shoe and foot

Yesterday I started on a walking path to find water and I ended up with my left foot – and my left shoe! – in the black mud. I was not able to follow the path, unless I was willing to offer my right shoe too. So no ideal place to sit quietly and to contemplate…

Today I left in the morning for the forest, and look where I am now! I followed the sign ‘Udsight’ (in Dutch: uitzicht; in English: viewpoint) and I am sitting now on a nice little plateau just above the water.

The strong wind makes endless tiny waves who bump into it and make this calming sound, as if I’m sitting in a rowboat. As far as I can see the waterfront is grown with the tall ‘water-grass’: bowing to the wind and also to the water, still standing tall.

Can I connect with the life-force in this amazing plant? Can I be with this ‘unfolding movement’ as I read yesterday?

Is this what touches us in nature, the pure life-force? Unconditional – pure – still – and yet full of life!? That what makes us at ease in nature, that what makes us silent inside, that what sets our wonderment into motion again?
How to BE this life-force and – in the same moment – be aware of it?
Not separated, not: I’m here and nature is over there, but being one, being whole with it?
How to be HUMAN in nature, in this world?