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Birthing of new communities

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Yesterday evening six of us gathered in Brussels to celebrate George’s birthday. Of course that couldn’t happen without some deep, inspiring conversations! George wanted to look beyond the circles that were born during this last year and which hold all a lot of potential: What is the deeper pattern that speaks through all of them?

What we saw were different communities on different practices – the how – (Art of Hosting on Art of Hosting, World Cafe Stewards, Collective Intelligence Conveners, Women Moving the Edge, …) and different places – the where – (Rivendell, Hazelwood, Kufunda, Heerlijckyt, …). We also see emerging a next level in group formation. They differ from the communities above. They are not gathered around one practice but around a calling in the world. The members of these new communities have different competences and different practices, and they are all present and centered in themselves. They know their individual place in the world. The synergy of these individuals can make a lot happen in the world!

This afternoon this conversation went on with Amy Lenzo, who is a steward of the World Café Community. She raised the same question: “What is this where the World Café is part of?” She also said: “In the mean time the different communities need to evolve and strengthen and be nurtured. Nevertheless, if it is an inward looking thing, we missed something! We need to look outward and link with others.” It reminded me of one of the principles of the Art of Hosting: ‘Find your mates’.

As a constellator (a facilitator of systemic constellations) it is fascinating to see how all this is about ‘finding the right place’; first for the individuals, then for the communities around the different practices, and also for Europe and other continents and cultures. What is the role or the gift of Europe in the world?
Each of us has a part to play – on every level. It is important that we know that place and then reach outwards. In partnering and coming to another level of working together we make the overall field stronger. We will need this for the time to come, when we are called to challenging tasks and difficult places.

A Jedi Council

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Last weekend I was part of a most remarkable gathering at De Heerlijckyt in Belgium. This specific constellation of people emerged from an Art of Hosting training, which happened at the same venue early October ’06. Before this gathering there were a lot of friendships build over the last years and months. Somehow we sensed we all hold a piece of work and competence that will be necessary for the future of Europe.

We don’t hold any official autority, not at all, but we feel called to how we can put ourselves into service for the best of the world to come. We called ourselves a Jedi Council or Circle.
A little harvest:
“We are all holding some kind of pain, struggle or conflict. We often carry it away to the side to be with it on our own. It builds a sense of isolation, and we creep into it – it becomes bigger than we are.

We have here, together, a container that transcends and embraces our struggles and our hopes and joys, our present and our future. It is made up of the consciousness that we all partake of and participate in. What we individually bring is our unique personal perspectives. That struggle between what we aspire to and what we perceive as present and real is arising inside that vast field of consciousness. We are big enough to hold it ALL and still have room to seed the future with what emerges from the centre of our circle.”

One of us wrote: “I’m still digesting what happened. I would not hesitate to call it a peak experience.”