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The seed of communism

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

In my search to understand what forces are driving our world and our evolution I recently had a very deep experience that seems to carry deep value for all who want a better world for all.

I was set up as a representative of communism in a constellation of a young Macedonian. His parents and grandparents were strongly affected by the arrival of communism in their country, in personal and financial ways. Systemic Constellation work is a methodology that has a deep simplicity and probably therefore can reach deep, hidden dynamics in human systems.

So there I stood in front of this family. The son, the mother and her lost dreams. As communism I was totally stiff, my legs very firm on the ground, and I felt like steel: very hard and not to be moved by anything or anybody. Not one tiny, little expression was possible in my body; my eyes were closed and wouldn’t open.
Whatever happened before my closed eyes was not at all affecting me, so I had time to become aware what was happening in myself. I was wondering that although I was really stiff allover my body I was breathing quiet deeply and I was wondering where this liveliness cam from. I daunted on me that it was the seed of solidarity that wanted to find it’s way into the world. It was a seed buried in humankind that was looking for a way to manifest itself; it came out of an evolutionary force.

As the constellation went on I got more and more stiff; my muscles were painful in my neck. At a certain point the parents of the young man were bowing to me, to the force that had influenced their life so hugely. After that the mother said to the son: “I shouldn’t do it (bowing), but it helps anyway.” That was the first thing that had some effect on me! A little softening, a little relief from the stiffness.
I kept sensing in my body, the stiffness was hard to bear, but one place in my body kept open: my sacrum. As if the seed of solidarity was born out of the sacred, out of Life, out of Evolution.
The son was unwilling to give in to his mother’s gesture and for the first time a thought arose about what happened before me: “You are stupid, you cannot deny this force of evolution!”

Suddenly I saw the bigger picture. I saw the seed of communism, which is solidarity; I saw the seed of capitalism: innovation and progress, and how evolution is searching its way to combine these two seeds. I clearly saw that before this can be possible, in order to find a way that they can manifest into humanity we have to bow to these forces of Life and what they did to so many people throughout history and right now.