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Be the purpose – Do the community

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

This was written on my flight back home, while the second Evolutionary Salon was in it’s last day.

Flying between Seattle and Atlanta, not even knowing for sure where I would find Atlanta on a map, I still feel the connection with the Evolutionary Salon gathering. I see a landscape full of snow, hills and threes, suddenly changing in what seems a dessert to me. I see the flowing and curved lines made by nature and the straight lines draw upon the landscape by humans. The straight lines reveal me that humans – of course also part of nature – try to be wiser than the rest of it. If water would flow in a straight line, it couldn’t feed so much land.

The flow and the staccato in the dance;
the feminine and the masculine searching for a synergy;
the balance between timeslots and really open space;
the tension between the purpose and building community …

I don’t think balance is what we need to search for, if it means a careful tended ‘position’. We need more of a dynamic, changing dance. Something that is beyond a combination of the opposites. I’m looking for a dynamic interplay, the wholeness in this all.

Do we need to deepen the purpose? Yes, of course.
Do we need to strengthen the community? Yes, of course.
As long as we see them separate, we didn’t learn much. As long as we don’t integrate this playful dance of energies in our individual selves we will struggle, we will stumble – together – to find process, form and practices that will guides us slowly into the dance.

The landscape beneath me is full of wide circles, all of the same size, within are square pieces of land. For irrigating the fields the circle shape seems to be more efficient…

My guess is that Life itself is this dance. If we live the purpose, engage our full heart, minds and bodies in it, then we are the community. If we engage fully in the community, with conversation, with dance and ritual, then the purpose will be fulfilled.

Is there more to say than just DO – BE – DO it?

What did I learn in the Salon?

I sense a connection with the energy field that is ‘underneath’ all the visible.
I was aware of the subtle dimensions underneath the conversations and actions that happened in the gross, manifest level.

I saw the coming into being of this community, how it developed itself from a field of possibilities to some kind of manifestation.

We all responded to the call, felt the push or pull from the field of possibility; it was Michael who gave it words and sent out the invitation. All our individual visions of what is possible, all our individual treads of silk spun between now and the future, came together.
It came into manifestation because we are willing to open our minds, we are willing to look into assumptions that we hold, we know that our point of view is only one part of reality.
We are willing to open our hearts and go beyond judgment.
We opened ourselves for a greater will, or the soul’s yearning to come through.

We are in a big experiment to weave our threads together until the fabric will be strong enough to include all areas of life. We will create together a fabric that doesn’t have a fixed shape or a fixed pattern. We will weave something really new, totally in line with the rest of nature. A fractal kind of human life, sustainable, playful, scaleable.

Silence is needed, not only to slow down, but to become aware of the subtle dimensions in all what we do or don’t do.
It is not only silence for our ears, but the stillness in our emotions, the stillness in our minds, the stillness in our bodies, so that we are on all levels the antennas for the subtle messages that aligns us even better with future possibilities.

Stillness is needed to be able to sense how we can dance together a new dance, a new creation.

How to give space for the dance that exist between us?

Details in beauty – beauty in details

Monday, January 16th, 2006

Arriving in Aldermarsh and in Whidbey Institute (for the 2nd Evolutionary Salon) is an all-senses experience! I wish I could guide you through my journey of the first hours of being here.

What is it about all these artful details that give these places their harmonic feeling? Why do people sense ‘the field’ as Jean-Francois named it, when they are here?

Walking from the great Thomas Berry hall to ‘Granny’s place’ on this narrow trail I became aware – again – of the deep silence inherent in all nature. Looking at all the details: the circle structure of the garden on Whidbey; the Zen-like, raked sand square by the front door in Aldermarsh; the naturally formed doorknobs on the sauna; the collection of different metal circles on an outdoor wall; the beautifully written signs for leaving your shoes at the door; … it became clear that it has to do with this silence, the stillness.

Although there was not one super-designer in all this, they fit together and they bring harmony to the place and to our senses. The same is true for the encounters with the people! Nobody is in a hurry, everybody stays with his or her inner needs and impulses, there is friendship in an instant, there is warmth in speaking and doing, there is deep meaning in the stories told at the dinner table.
The beauty in conversations, the beauty in community, the beauty in all details…