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Reflecting back

Sunday, October 30th, 2005

I never thought of myself as a writer or a journalist; but here I am: committed to write some notes related to the evolution of consciousness.

For me, Evolution of Consciousness is the bigger context that I’m looking from; writing on.

And what I see happening in the threads that I followed and was part of during these last years has to do with building a collective capacity, a capability of the community. Of course we could name it as collective intelligence or collective wisdom, but I want (to try) to describe something that mostly is not understood by these concepts.

What I see is that the (morphogenetic) field that defines who we are, as humans, is changing. And it seems changing at rapid speed. We, as Westerns, are all deeply identified with our separate self, our identity. And it is this separate self that is wondering how collective intelligence or collective wisdom can happen. We stand in awe; we don’t understand it and we name it magic.
Strange enough to us, the magic is not happening inside us, not inside the box we identify with, but between us! And it seems that the other separate selves can experience it too! So we are not crazy… there is magic in the middle!

When I refer here to community I mean the whole bunch of people that, in one way or another, is part of the tip of the wave; the tip of the evolutionary wave.
The part of the wave that I can see is CI related and I can see evolution happening over time and beyond particular groups or gatherings. Tim Merry named it as: “the same learning field though the geography often changes.”

I see us moving from experiencing the magic now and then up to the expectation that it will happen again, and even further to the trust and the inner knowing that it is there, right between us if we are only sensitive enough to give it time and space to experience.

This magic is only viewed as magic when looked from the separate self, within its own box of identity. When we look from the identity of interconnectedness, from the Whole, it is only natural; totally obvious that it happens, that it is there.

Experiencing this interconnectedness while being, living and communicating with others is the new capacity that I see building up. It is not a capacity of individuals only, but it is a groove in the consciousness of the collective, of humanity that becomes more and more visible for those how know it exist and which is seducing for others to follow it. I saw it building up from the conference calls with the CI-conveners, in the first Evolutionary Salon, through the video conferencing between Seattle and Belgium, and in the Hazelwood Retreat.

I see in huge capital letters the importance of showing this evolution to the people who are part of it; who are actually living this evolution. My part in the showing is writing in this blog