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The CI-field as an Open Space

Thursday, August 4th, 2005

What was most inspiring for me in our transatlantic Collective Intelligence (CI) meeting was a much deeper understanding – with mind and body – of what is “the CI-field”.
For me it is not the sum of the individuals; it is not the 3 concentric circles as described by Tom Atlee; it is not even the connections between the conversations as we talked about it in our closing session; but for me the CI-field is the process of an ever-growing and ever-expanding Coll.Intelligence, through the individuals, through the connections, through the ftf and online meetings, through…

This made me see our meeting, the Kaleidoscope Café in Devon, the Evolutionary Salons (and many more probably) as a very big Open Space spread over time.
This means that no one is excluded, that there is no core group and no criteria. Only hosts/callers of certain meetings with (more or less) clear purposes and people deciding with their two feet if they can contribute and/or learn.
Our meeting was an Open Space – although not really designed that way – and it was only one workshop of the Big Open Space that is happening in the world.

Duri, my partner stated the purpose as: “To design for the emergence of CI as a powerful social and intellectual movement that …”. I see the purpose of this Big Open Space as: “the emergence of CI as a powerful social and intellectual capacity that…” – probably both sides of one coin; wholeness.

I think the CI-field will become more conscious of itself if we – in whatever meeting we will be participating – are conscious that we are always in this big Open Space and that we are training ourselves – together – in more CI-capacity.

Out of our larger community new proposals for gatherings will be posted in our Global Market Place. And the ones who feel called will answer the invitation and let new things emerge.

What is new thinking?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

Yesterday evening, I was listening to Yasuhiko Kimura on WIE Unbound and he is talking about thinking; not only the remembering of information and shuffle it around, but real new thinking. It is his life’s mission to teach people how to really think.

It reminds me of something I read in the book of Satprem on Sri Aurobindo. Aurobindo states that it is not us who think, but that we receive thoughts (and also emotions) from outside. These last few days I was meditating – contemplating on this and I guess it is true. In meditation I can reach this Ground of Being where I am totally still and at the same time there is a high energy ‘happening’. Like how I envision the wood or metal of the table, which is still, but I know the electrons are spinning around at high speed. In these moments of true meditation I’m able to leave all thoughts – old and new – outside. The next thing is, that I can choose to open the door, so to speak, for new thoughts to come in. Probably this is what Andrew Cohen is calling ‘the edge of not-knowing’.

Another line of new thinking that I came across recently is called Thinking at the edge ; a term and a process invented by Eugene Gendlin. This resonates deep in myself as it refers to a process that integrates, or even better: access the bodily wisdom and makes real new thoughts possible.

If we could once integrate all this what new territories of knowing could we discover??!!