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Learning about creation

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Thinking about the world that we all want to live in, this beautiful, exciting and sustainable world; I was thinking about: What is at the core of what we have to learn to create it?

We know a lot about creating ‘things’: structures, products etc. If our worldview is evolving to more wholeness and interconnectedness, what is it that we need to learn to create?

At the core it seems to be processes or maybe better to use the word relations. Not just ‘relationships’ as the friendship between you and me, but “the process of the quality of relation” as my teacher called it recently.
And not only the relation between people, but all relations over time, space, cultures, species and so on.
I like to call it ‘the in-betweens’, that what is not visible to the eye, but is very meaningful and also tangible if you learn to ‘listen’ to it, or to ‘see’ it. That what is (in) The Field.

All this came together after a training block in Systemic Constellation Work; an inspiring conversation with Toke Moeller, who is teaching the world The Art of Hosting; and to hear something more of the ‘landscaping’ his wife Monica Nissen is doing.
Our co-creation will have to focus on creating these in-betweens.
More precisely: we need to become masters in creating ‘structures’ in order to let meaningful processes happen; so that the quality of the relation can be healed and can generate some renewing content.