The end?

October 10th, 2013

I just visited my blog here, which I left unattended for almost 1,5 year… (I even noticed that the last blog post I wrote, was never published! so I switched the button from draft to published…)

many journeys and gatherings found their harvest in here…

I might take this blog up again , or not…. I am not sure yet. But I can tell you that I am building a new website, Collective Presencing, which will offer the full harvest of the 6 years of action research through the project Women Moving the Edge. There are now three articles published, and more will follow over time… maybe I see or read you over there?

WMtE13 – The wild life!

May 28th, 2012

This was our last morning together. The sun was still present, with the promise of more summer to come. We spoke to the question: What do we now know about being wild and natural beings? Here a list of deep insights mentioned in our collective:

• gift the time of listening to yourself

• deep listening – a kind of attunement – a kind of anchoring in – is becoming one with the whole

• every cell, every nerve can listen for the subtle cues to bring us into balance, into wholeness

• show up open and ready – and not exhausted – for this kind of listening, for collective presencing

• in the listening to the middle there is something more possible, it is a totally natural way of accessing information and knowing. This capacity gets amplified in the collective and that has a lot of juice for me; and juice feels wild!

• unwinding from the stories of history in my body

• see and acknowledge also the pain, witness it, is necessary before the new can come in – harmony is not shutting pain and ugliness out

• witnessing is not hard to do!

• it is possible to act focused and aligned without a plan, on true course

• the wild and the natural is seeking us, wanting a mutual relationship; the dissonant will then fall aside

• ‘they’ – seen and unseen – were looking at us

• everyone is welcome to the circle, no matter how open or not.

• Thank you for showing up who you are.

• I see you – Eye see you.

• The gifts of the wild are: the field, the seeing, the being seen.

• Reclaiming the word ‘wild’, in a grounded sense – coming from a place of stillness and gratitude – it takes you on your path.

And there was more!

After the break we gathered again in our favored spot, the screened-in porch. More information wove itself together around the future and this piece of land that had hosted us so well and profoundly. The information was offered from messages received during the night, from books, from experiences a long, long time ago… and the tapestry woven was magic and very meaningful for the owner.

Maybe, after all, it was not all that mysterious? The land needs to be protected because it is pregnant with ‘something’… maybe the land needs time to hold the new intention we had set in the previous Women Moving the Edge gathering? the intention of the unwounded feminine and masculine creating together… maybe it needs not only holding by us, humans, but it needs to be held in the earth too? It seems weird now when I write it in this blogpost, some days after we had this experience, but there was something that felt right when I wrote it down in my notebook. The future will tell me if this holds any sense or not…

The last messages came through…

Something is excited that we are starting to get it.

There is a flow between us here and the trees there.

Seeing and being seen.

There is a shared flow and joy.

There is so much more. You don’t know how big this is!

Open and receive.

I have been in-formed.

It is not about self.

Being as mycelium.

The wild is emergent.

WMtE13 – Weaving ourselves back into co-ecolution

May 27th, 2012

Because of the constellation lunch was late and we reconvened halfway the afternoon, back on the porch where we had this incredible interweaving with nature the day before. Judy invited us to check in, but we were silent, nobody spoke. Sitting in a half circle we were all facing outwards, with nature filling half of the circle.

loooooooooooong silence…

What if our soul becomes the leader of the pack, so that the ego can rest?

Is there a purpose why this frog and this bee ended up here?

Maybe not-knowing is less frightening in a collective?

Maybe ‘weaving ourselves back into nature’ is not right, and we are weaving ourselves back into co-evolution?

This last thought was kind of new to me. It made me humble to realize, as a human being, how we co-evolved with all around us, visible and invisible. We are so used to think of ourselves as on top of the food chain, and being like that forever – unchangable. But we are also part of evolution and we co-evolve, with the earth, just as this butterfly is linked with this specific flower and plant and co-evolved with it over time. As humans we are small and also under influence of these larger, bigger forces. Seeing ourselves within this co-evolution, maybe, brings us back into wholeness?

There is a mystery at heart of his co-evolution, something that we probably will never understand. We better enjoy it, enjoy its unfolding, instead of being frightened by the unknown in it.

Back to the overall question of our gathering: What if we could experience being natural, wild beings in a collective, in deeper mutual relationship with natural rhythms and cycles of the earth? important insights came up.

The wild is what is.
Simple sentence, but with profound implications.
The wild is what is.
This tied me back to the importance of witnessing; the noticing, the seeing of what is present – including the being seen, and being witnessed. As someone summed it up: In resonance the wildness is present.

So wildness is not how we normally picture it: being wild like a wild lion in the bush, or being wild as drunken youngsters in a music festival. No, being wild is being indigenous, in mutual relationship with all aspects of what exists around us. It is being in resonance with all of life – the pro-verbial plastic bags included.

WMtE 13 – Capitalism is exhausted

May 26th, 2012

Again, I’m sitting outside in the morning, the sun is doing its best! I’m sitting with the sound of birds – many different ones, and the sunlight pouring through the huge pine trees. I recognize now the song of the wood thrush, a bird we don’t have in Belgium. I’ve also come to know the sound of the tree frogs, mostly in the afternoon and the evening.

The blue lilies have opened up themselves during our time here, and a lot of buds are ready to burst open with some more warmth and light. I notice the sound of wild turkeys, and now and then a car passing by. This is gracious land, kept untouched, undeveloped they name it, for different generations, and it is bursting with life!

It is easy to stay centered and openhearted in this environment. Encountered with noises of breakfast preparations during the morning meditation, L. shared this question with us: Can we meet and great ‘the plastic bag’ with the same reverence and presence than (ideal) nature? It might not have this memory from itself… nature seems to have this immanent presence, this inner stillness, which is probably why it reminds us of our inner presence and why it feels so nurturing and restoring to us.

B. shared the profound insight she got by getting feedback from a few others and how she realized deeply that we need a conscious collective to point this out to us, in respect and love. It re-members us that we are also the deep water, the depth of the ocean and not only the stories – the family stories, the media stories, our childhood stories…

This brought us to: What is the next story for society? Rekindling a memory in myself of deep seeing that both communism and capitalism had a positive core when they started forming, but over the years these evolutionary experiments have hit a wall of going too extreme. I can’t describe the laughter that erupted from J., linking her sudden tiredness with ‘maybe capitalism is exhausted!’ It showed us the bigger evolutionary perspective and how funny and relative all ‘fighting for god causes’ or ‘struggle against what goes wrong’ actually is.

It was time for a break (and again yammy smoothies made by J.!)

After the break we used systemic constellation work to look into the evolving project on this land, to learn that relationships needed to be re-established to be able to move to the next step.

No-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies

May 25th, 2012

I don’t know who took initiative to come up with some cookies – good and healthy – but we loved them and they appeared back the next day! (sorry no pictures, we ate them all!)

No-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies

1 cup sucanat – raw sugar (or 2/3 cup date sugar)

¼ cup chocolate powder (or carob powder)

¼ cup of almond milk (or rice milk, or soymilk)

2 tablespoons oil

1/3 cup peanut/almond butter (smooth or crunched)

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

1 ½ cup oat flakes

1. in medium saucepan, combine sucanat, chocolate powder, the almond milk and oil. Stir constantly and bring to a rolling boil. Cook for 1 ½ min.

2. Add nut butter and vanilla and mix well. Add oat flakes and mix again. Drop the mixture by the spoonful onto a sheet of waxed paper. Cookies will harden as they cool.

If you like, you can add raisins and/or walnuts as they are cooling; or use more of your imagination.

WMtE13 – Resonance in the field

May 25th, 2012

Checking my email during this gathering I was struck by the messages that would fit right in with what was happening in our field. So, one morning, or maybe after a break, I was reading them to the other participants. They speak about the listening, the silence and the stillness, the witnessing and even the cooking! For you to enjoy too!

Posted on Facebook by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura:

Every line of thought I pursued in coherent theory-making always revealed at the end its inherently nonsensical nature, for in the process of developing my thought my make-sense-ability also seemed to develop to a higher level. Every time echoing Ludwig Wittgenstein I utter the sentence, “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must pass over in silence” (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Proposition 7) and then restart a new line of thought. Thus the goal of thought disappears and the process becomes the purpose—the process of ever-deeper open engagement with Being, which is what Thinking is.

Posted by Hala, a dear friend of Women Moving the Edge, living in Lebanon:

the best words are the silent ones which express more fully what no word can express ~ it is in this expansive silence and gift that I close my day, which started with “preporate” – making me stop and feel that a new language is present to host our connections and relational fields ~ with deep gratitude to all who contributed, participated and joined physically or by heart in bringing life form celebration moments to nSite and moving me into this expansive silence and gift ~

And some more by Hala:

the fullness came through the fullness of the witnessing and the fullness of the collaborative cooking process, and the celebration of both by sharing moments of eating delicious foods collectively spread on the tables in the space

WMtE13 – Wild again…

May 23rd, 2012

We took a long lunch pause to let this rich content sink in and let it digest a bit. We were mostly in silence and on our own. We reconvened on the screened-in porch. In the morning we had gathered in the living room, then the sun had called us out in front of the house after the break, but by noon it had already become too hot!

The porch is a bit long and narrow for a circle of seven chairs, we were sitting more in an oval, than a circle. Not much was spoken… long stretches of silence unfolded…

The morning had brought the realization of the importance and simple act of “I see you.”; which brought back the deep realisation from a constellation in a previous Women Moving the Edge gathering, where the representative of Earth has said: “The simple act of witnessing me, is amplifying my resilience.”

In the silence I was musing on all of this.





What if we remove fixed boundaries and witness the essence?

What if we replace identity with uniqueness?

Authenticity doesn’t seem to need a fixed boundary to be in a relationship or in resonance…

This was all going on in my thinking, but energetically, in my body, a shifting was going on, a recalibration in my cells and energy system to our new understanding. I had to lay down to let the energy doing its thing.

B. called for movement, felt a need to stretch her body, as if her body needed to expand. She invited all of us to do the same. The circle disappeared in silence and each of us was following the energy in her body as natural as we could… some silent, some little noises made, some deeper breathing, some responding to sounds of birds and insects outside.

Again it was silent for a long time. Eventually, we ended up sitting and laying in a half circle, all facing outwards, in total connection – communication – resonance with nature around us, so present and close, with only the veil of the screen of the porch.

There were tree frogs telling a story,

then they were listening.

We were listening,

then listened to.

Witnessing going on in all directions.

I could sense ‘the collective’ of the forest becoming more present – almost tangible – than the individual trees.

Because we were, as a collective, witnessing the whole?

It was magic.

More silence.

It was amazing, fascinating and not anything I had experienced before. We were all in awe for what happened.

We came into rapport with nature,

as embodied human beings.

We reconnected with our indigenosity,

we wove ourselves back into nature,

the fragmentation undone,

the bridge re-established.

We became wild again.

WMtE13 – Awaken your spirit to adventure

May 22nd, 2012

This poem came to me through Facebook, and seemed to fit right in… The picture is from the land, from old logs doing their dying and composting thing.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.

John O’Donohue

WMtE 13 – The bird knows we are in this together

May 22nd, 2012

On Saturday afternoon we had a most remarkable afternoon. Already the morning had been so rich that I was flabbergasted with the rich content that had been shared.

We talked about language and words….
… hearing the birds respond to each other… so many languages going on that we don’t understand…
… and words are limiting… yesterday’s way… just a handle… easy to let the sacred slip away…

We talked…
about the yearning, the longing not to be cut of from the natural rhythms,
about the courage to speak from source,
about being vulnerable and still trusting.

We dived deeper, trying to understand what is ‘being wild and natural’’ – as is part of our guiding question.
… untamed, but with a structure…
… listening, tuning in to one self…
… unmediated..
… intangible, but present…
… beyond articulation…
… so alive, but like a whisper…

And what is ‘a collective’?
… a safe holding in order to be wild…
… to imagine the unimaginable, the undefined…
… where the future is born…

Begin natural and wild in a collective, is giving space for each orbit.
(as the electrons, quarks etc. in a molecule)

But there was way more to unfold!

There had been a story shared about an encounter with a morning dove, with the realization ‘the bird knows we are in this together’;
another story of a deer leading the human to show its little ones;
and a meeting with a fern in an experience of total unity.

Then pain came up of being misguided into the belief of fragmentation,
the belief in a chasm,
the betrayal of higher and lower…

We relate to the words, the concepts…
instead of relating with the being itself, with respect.
L. shared this with her tears and said: “I have to remake myself; my mind sees it, but my cells don’t know…”

The cells would know soon enough…

WMtE 13 – Embracing the curiosity of the emergent

May 20th, 2012

Did you read the title above?

It was J., our youngest participant – who also cares for our meals and excellent smoothies (!) – who translated my sharing on ‘love making with the future’ in these words: embracing the curiosity of the emergent. I love it!

I realized yesterday how sensing into the future has become a habit for me, a normal state of being almost. Always sensing into what is trying to form, what possible connections might lead to a next minimal step? It is so fun, so joyful to relate with the future in a way that you look out for what will happen next time your lover is around. The sense of joyful expectations! The sense of Santa Claus bringing presents that are a full surprise, but just right.

I love to be in this expectant, pregnant space. So curious how the new baby is going to look like and anticipating what its uniqueness might be.

Oh, my god! The weather is just perfect here! Total blue sky, sun from morning till evening, a cool house to eat, a porch in the shade… and a tent next to the trees for me to sleep in at night. It is after lunchtime now on our first full day; we agreed on having a long lunch break. B., the steward of this incredible place, is sewing some vegetables in her permaculture garden. Joey, the dog, enjoys digging holes next to her.

I’m sitting on the granite boulders that were once the sides of a colonial route. Amazing to realize that some hundreds of years ago people were walking here and travelling with horses and carriages… and what was even here before that? Land and humans constant in a joint evolution.

As much as there is doom and gloom, pain and struggle in the world, there is the anticipation of a future full of potential.

The door is opening…

and we need to go through it together.

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