Women Moving The Edge 4

Women Moving the Edge 4

Little history
The idea for a gathering of women came into being after we had the experience of Moving the Edge in March 2006 in Denmark.

The gathering, early March '07 in Belgium, was deeply inspiring and exceptional! You can read the whole story on my blog, and a reflection afterwards on Helen's blog and you can look at the pictures, who tell the same story.
The second time it happened in the US, October 2007. The harvest of this gathering can also be found on my blog. The next European gathering was held early Febr.'08!
The fourth gathering of Women Moving the Edge is planned 14 till 17 November '08, in the US! Read below the short version of the invitation, with a link to download the full invitation. Please note the early bird rate till September 22!!

Our Purpose

A purposeful collective gathering space for conscious women who will:
• explore and move the edge of what it means to inquire, sense, be and do our emergent collective future potential
• ask together the question(s) it has never yet occurred to us to ask
• invite multiple creative streams of practice for individual and collective inquiry
• hold a resonant field from which miracles can spring
• bridge our practice of continuous collective inquiry into the many levels of co-creative action called for in the world

In this gathering we will not only explore the edge, we will be it; we will do it.

Our world requires of us the courage to open, to engage, to inquire, to suspend, to empty, to hold and to explore beyond what we think we know.

Together we will co-create and be the vessel to awaken the inter-subjective “She”, the Being who comes alive through all of us together, who awaits our invitation to birth Collective Presence into the world.

You are invited!

What we learned in the previous gatherings…

• As women we hold unique and untapped qualities of leadership to bring positive change on this planet
• Silence, listening, sensing, holding and receiving are active movements in birthing collective knowing, and of tapping into Source
• We must hold the paradoxes of chaos and order; stillness and movement; emptiness and fullness, joy and pain in order to give birth to the miraculous
• There is a Wholeness of Knowing, Being, and Doing that continuously evolves through us and is activated by our willingness to open to the emergent, to pathways we have not yet explored.
• Coming together into the collective “field” invokes a deeper felt resonance inherent in who we really are as we come forward now

… and next guiding questions…

• How can I/we stay tuned, both to ourselves and to the collective, so that a new order of clarity arises?
• How does the synergy of multiple practices – painting, movement, music, nature, silence … shift or enhance collective inquiry?
• What is the practice of being in a state of continuous collective inquiry? How do we experience that – individually and collectively?
• How do we stay in collective inquiry while acting in the world?


Circle, Open Space, Presencing, ritual, movement, tone/vibration, art, music, poetry, journaling, nature, silence, meditation … spontaneity & laughter!!

Hosted by:
Ria Baeck and Judy Wallace;
co-hosts: Eve-Marie Schaffer and Wendy Webber.

Contact: Judy Wallace
judykwallace at comcast.net
+1 978.283.8183
+1 978.771.5811

You can download the full invitation here.

Pictures from previous gatherings:
March '07
October '07
Some blog posts, reports from previous gatherings:
from Ria
from Helen

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