Women Moving The Edge 13 NH-US

Women Moving the Edge 13

a collective, integral practice to move the edge of consciousness

May 18-21, 2012; Nottingham, New Hampshire, US

You are invited, as women, to move the edge of consciousness, through collectively inquiring into this question from the presence of Source:

What if we could experience being natural, wild beings in a collective,
in deeper mutual relationship with natural rhythms and cycles of the earth?

Women Moving the Edge is a collective, integral practice.
Women participating in this program are invited to come to a place of Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will. From this quality of individual alignment and authenticity, we share with each other in the circle, through verbal and non-verbal means. Sensing, speaking and acting from Source is a feminine way of knowing we can reconnect with.

This culminates in a collective field of attention, a holding space from where we connect with our guiding question. We are called, each time, to gather around an unmanifest potential. Seeking to explore that potential, we have developed the practice of Collective Sourcing and Collective Presencing.

Women Moving the Edge is a continuous process and what we are

invited to collectively sense into is ever widening and deepening. There is an inner, subtle world within our world that we can interact and co-create with and that interpenetrates and embraces our physical reality. Entering into this relationship in a conscious way gives a new dimension to understanding creation and generativity.

Women Moving the Edge invites the Wholeness of Knowing. From experience we realise that we can know so much more when engaging all

our senses. We invite all forms of arts and subtle knowing. Bring your talents, childlike wonder and any materials you/we need!

Collective Presencing means multi-tasking on different levels and being present in different dimensions at the same time. It integrates authenticity, balance, harmony and generative space.

Women Moving the Edge offers you:
A deep ground for practice in being fully present.
A rare experience of being in a truly generative and co-creative space.
An experience of healing and deeper entry into your full potential.
A conceptual understanding of collective presencing
An opportunity to contribute to this inquiry in service of wisdom and global evolution.

Being in nature and outdoors:
As our guiding question implies, we envision that some time of our gathering will be outdoors; either just being there, or walking the labyrinth, helping in the garden, creating ritual, or collectively building some lasting structure. Please bring outdoor shoes and clothes

Dates: Friday May 18, 2012, 3:00pm to Monday May 21, 2012, 2pm.

Venue: A contemporary green home with organic vegetable garden and labyrinth, surrounded by thousands of acres of forest and a nearby lake in Nottingham, New Hampshire, US. Lodging options include shared rooms in the house or tents on the land. Food will be local and as organic as possible!

As your hosting team we do not facilitate, rather we host this collective, emergent process. We do this by engaging ourselves fully in the collective inquiry. Our intention is for emergence to happen and we apply our mastery wherever needed and useful.
Your hosts: Ria Baeck, Judy Wallace, and Beth Tener.

Workshop Fee:
• Early Bird Rate (due no later than May 1) $ 450
• Independent / Non-profit Rate (due by May 15) $ 550
• Generosity Rate $650 or more
Your choosing generosity is always appreciated and helps to sponsor women who can’t afford the fee. And if not needed for that, it helps to support our research and hosting work.
If the fee is not affordable to you, please open a conversation with Judy. If you are called to come, we want you to be there. Your participation in this event is a form of generosity and contributes to the growth of these practices and gatherings.

Offered in collaboration with The School for Collective Leadership.

Information and Registration: Contact Judy Wallace via email or 978-283-8183 for the full invitation and or registration.

Join and enjoy our starting online community! Women Moving the Edge online community and the group forming around this gathering.

Little history
The idea for a gathering of women came into being after we had the experience of Moving the Edge in March 2006 in Denmark. The gathering, early March '07 in Belgium, was deeply inspiring and exceptional! You can read the whole story on
my blog, and a reflection afterwards on Helen's blog and you can look at the pictures, who tell the same story.
The second time it happened in the US, October 2007. The harvest of this gathering can also be found on my blog. The next European gathering was held early Febr.'08, the fourth gathering was held 14 till 17 November '08, in the US; then again in Belgium, Febr.'09 and again in Boston, May '09. All harvest and links you can find on here
In the meantime we opened an online forum, where you are more than welcome!! There you find a rich resource of video's, links, harvests and preparations since WMtE7, early 2010.

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