What Matters

What matters to me are the values and principles outlined here. They are the skeleton of my life and work. They are at the core of who I am and what I do.


Enthusiasm is my most precious guide in life. Feeling joy and trust in discovering and walking a certain path: exploring new ideas and experiences. I mean here enthusiasm connected with reality and the heart, not the kind of 'let's go for it, no matter what or how'.


Acknowledging what is is like a point of no return. Transformation starts at the deep level of really acknowledging and accepting. Being aware of what is happening, giving total permission for its existence, be in wonder about another facet of yourself, recognizing the truth that comes to the surface. No change has any chance of survival if it is not born out of this seeing beyond the surface. No matter whether it is something in my personal life I want to do different, or something in the group I belong to. Acceptance – and non-judgment – have brought me mildness and unknown qualities.


Respect for others and all life is born out of accepting my not-so-nice-sides and my deep hidden shadows. It opened the way to humility and respecting differences in people; it has made it possible to honour my history and my ancestors. It has shown me how I am interconnected with the past and the future and with all the world around me.


Silence and listening and giving attention bring me a lot of good ideas and deep insights. In the inner silence I can align all parts of myself and a deeper truth becomes accessible. A truth that has more connections with life in its fullness. In silence one becomes really present. In silence it becomes clear what wants to emerge through you … you can hear/feel/see/know what life wants from you … Deep listening to what others offer me in feedback has been a great resource for my development.


Suspending is for me a core quality of wisdom and leadership. To be able to question your present frameworks for thinking, feeling and doing. In times when I was willing to suspend them for some time and explore new perspectives, my worldview has grown, my compassion has deepened, my love has become more accessible. The biggest gift of all has been a clearer view of my core qualities and my position in the world.


Trusting my impulses, even if they look odd, or seem too strong, or not appropriate, has brought me a more fulfilled life. It gas given me access to lots of joy and deep meaning; in the end it has brought me happiness.


Beauty, care, attention... indeed soft values but badly needed in making life, work, environment meaningful. Bringing back the beauty in conversations is of high interest for me, then exchanging ideas and meanings built up to a higher form of knowing and wisdom.


Integration will be a never ending story in my life and work. First of all my body wants to feel, to experience every interesting concept, so that I can embody it here and now. I am not interested in conversations 'about' ideas, I'm always looking for how they work now, here, in this moment with you. Integration also of the personal and the collective: no real boundary can be discovered between them... And integrating real time and online conversations and communities. My life will never be boring.


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