Vrouwen Moving The Edge

Vrouwen Moving the Edge

Mogelijke vertalingen:
Vrouwen op het scherp van de snede
Vrouwen in de voorhoede

De uitnodiging voor deze internationale workshop/samenkomst is klaar, hier vind je de volledige brochure!

A purposeful gathering of conscious women who will explore Moving the Edge:
– The Edge of what it means to fully step into our own and lead from there
– The Edge of possibility as we re-imagine, redefine, and co-create who we are and what we will do

Today’s world requires unparalleled courage and presence if we are to effect change. From a place of inquiry, of suspending what we think we know, of moving beyond the edge of safety and harmony, we Women Moving the Edge have the opportunity to explore our individual and collective potential. And in this gathering we will not only explore, we will be it, we will do it.

Guiding Questions

In exploring the Edge:
1. What qualities of leadership do we envision are needed now to bring positive change for all of life on this planet?
2. What unique qualities do women hold in this vision? How are they core to who we are? What qualities have we not yet imagined or embodied?
3. Who are we collectively? How does that hold us back? Or how can that provide the doorway for us to step forward?
4. What does conscious collective women’s leadership look like? How will we do and be that?

What we will do

The convening team will open the way for various modes of creative engagement and emergent leadership. These will include:
– World Café, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, Generative Dialogue, to create a self-organising field of women’s wisdom
– Ritual and celebration
– Movement, dance, voice/tone/vibration
– Art, music, poetry
– Nature as our guide
– Being in silence and/or meditation
– Invitations to practice leadership in the moment – to view the system and patterns from the balcony or to actively be in-the-moment flow and chaos of the dance floor
– Opportunities to take responsibility for next steps, collaborations, or projects

How will you show up in consciousness?

– Open - be prepared for surprise
– Leaving behind what you already know so as to co-create in the moment
– Holding the courage to find and move your edge
– Being in a constant state of evolving inquiry, of curiosity
– Steady in deep respect for the process
– Ready to take risk, to move beyond safety
– Holding the paradox of doing really important work and being ready to HAVE FUN!

Who is invited?

If what you have read speaks to you, if you are ready to fully engage in this way, you are invited. We hope you will come.

Convening and facilitation team is:

Ria Baeck - Belgium
Judy Wallace - USA
Eugenie van Ruitenbeek - Netherlands

The idea for a gathering of women came into being after we had the experience of Moving the Edge in March 2006 in Denmark. In the mean time, as the convening team, we were looking deeply into our own leadership issues and what it is that is in the way to step into our full potential. We evolved from being the convening team for a gathering of women to a facilitation team for a workshop.


Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren, Belgium


from Saturday March 3th 2007 4.00pm, to Tuesday March 6th, 2pm, after lunch.

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