The 16 Ways

The 16 Ways – Empowering Polarities

As we are called to move forward in our lives and in the world, our attention is quickly drawn to those places that seem a bit imbalanced or stuck. We are used to doing things a certain way, then our path begins to call for another. The 16 Ways is a simple practice which powerfully activates the two opposing poles of all basic human behaviors. With an intuitive, engaging combination of vowel sounds, body movements and thought forms, both poles of each behavioral dimension quickly become available to us. As old areas of resistance get cleared out, new qualities of energy, and new levels of synergy, naturally emerge.

The 16 Ways directly stimulates the essential polarities of:
• confidence and strength while being receptive and relaxed
• openness and freedom while being grounded and in control
• connectedness and abundance while being discriminating and non-attached
• clarity and focus while being intuitive and adaptable

The Practice

In this two and a half day training, you will learn and explore each of the sixteen ways – on the levels of physical movement, thought, sound and emotion. The ‘16 Ways Polarity Assessment Instrument’ will be given to discover how our habitual feelings and behaviors relate to each polarity. The powerful relationship of The 16 Ways to existing models, such as Wilber’s Four Quadrants of perspective, Graves’s Spiral Dynamics model of Developmental Stages, and the Chinese I Ching will be explored through movement and conversation. Basic energy psychology tools for stimulating and balancing energy will also be taught. This workshop is open to all ages, shapes and sizes and assumes no prior physical training, specific movement skills or knowledge of any models.
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Date and Time:

This two and a half day training will be held for the second time:
Monday 24 August 17.30h – Wednesday 26 June 18.00h

Location: Koningsmolen, Brouwerijstraat 68, Eliksem, Belgium

Workshop Cost (including food & beverages): 400,- euro (+21% VAT)

Overnight Stay Cost:

double/triple room: 70,- euro (+6% VAT)
single room: 100,- euro (+6% VAT)
If the fee is not affordable to you, open a conversation with us.

Your Hosts

Dylan Newcomb is a founding member of the Danslab Institute for movement research in The Hague, and the inventor of the 16 Ways approach to body-mind development. He trained at the Juilliard School in both dance and music composition, after which he danced for eight seasons with the Netherlands Dance Theater. For the past ten years, he has been choreographing and composing his own work independently and has won several major Dutch awards. A long time practitioner of Vipassana meditation and several styles of Yoga, he is certified in Psychological Kinesiology and maintains a private practice as an energy psychologist, assisting people in resolving personal issues on the mental-emotional level. For more information see his website.

Koningsmolen Already since the year 1207, the Kingsmill was a place for development for its environment. As a watermill, delivering flower, oil, food for the animals, it brought the basic ingredients to its community in order to live a comfortable life. Where the Kingsmill became a special example of social entrepreneurship in the late 1800's, expanding with a brewery, butter factory, Chicory tower, all emerging from the basic source of the Watermill, the place was protected for this reason as a monument in the late 20th century. At these times, entering a new evolutionary stage in society, we were drawn towards this unique place to use its energy again, becoming a 'Playground for Developement' and 'the new local village' within a broader evolving world. For more information see the website.


Email to Kingsmill (you will be send a registration form)
Koningsmolen, Brouwerijstraat 68, 3400 Eliksem, Tel: +32 473 382494

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