Systemic Constellation June 23

Systemic Constellations

June 23 - Essex Conference Center

Here is a little poem offered by one of the participants at the end of the check out circle:

Plugged in, recharged.
A core center moving out to wider circles.

Energizing parts of ourselves,
Revealing relationships.

A wandering, spiritual guide.
On the edge, showing differences.

Things getting clear, moving forward
With more light to be shed.

Rooting and grounding,
Continuing to grow wisdom within ourself, within systems.

Powerful, hopeful.
Creating intentions.

Up there on the edge,
Only way off to fly.

Day Workshop: 9:30 am – 7:00 pm Including Lunch and Dinner
We invite you to a daylong workshop of Systemic Constellations, open to whatever challenge, issue, or topic is present for you. This can be very personal (Family Constellations), related to your work environment or group (Organizational Constellations), or more global / universal issues. All are welcome. All are rich for deeper understanding when dealt with in a systemic constellation way. You will actively participate – as a client or representative.

Systemic constellation is a powerful tool to tap into a group’s collective wisdom to reveal unconscious or hidden dynamics and offer new perspectives to deal with challenges.

This workshop will offer you learning on many levels:
- experiencing the tool of systemic constellations by immersion
- a collective reflection / constellation on how to apply the basic principles of systemic constellations in your day-to-day work
- little teachings on getting used to a systemic lens
- deeper insights into the systemic nature of individual and organizational issues

Systemic Constellations are always very interactive and will touch you in one way or another. It is a rich learning experience on many levels.

Constellator – When you see a facilitator of Systemic Constellations at work, it looks easy and simple. She moves people around, invites them to speak what they are sensing / experiencing, and asks them questions about what they perceive…
Representative - Standing in a constellation and representing a person, quality, concept, or entity, is usually fascinating, sometimes feels a bit strange, and is always a rich experience. There will be lots of opportunities to experience this.
Client - Being a client who has an issue/topic/question to be ‘set up’ is the easiest part: you place the representatives – through intuition or gut feeling – in a certain spot and then sit back and let the representatives do the work.

Fee for the day including lunch and dinner: $135.00

Constellator: Ria Baeck

Organizing hosts: Judy Wallace and Madeline Snow

Registration: Please mail a check payable to Judy Wallace to: 4 Hawthorne Lane #1; Gloucester, MA 01930.

Questions: 1 978-283-8183 If needed, please inquire about overnight stay.

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