Systemic Constellation-What Would Leeds Say

Systemic Constellation - What would Leeds say?

Tuesday June 12, 2012 – Ebor Court, Westgate, Leeds, UK
An Introduction to Systemic Constellations

How do cities behave as organisms?
Why do cities have such resilience (that they rarely die)?
If I could see more of the whole, as well as my small piece, would it make a difference to what I do?

Leeds is made up of many layers: its people both past and present, its history and geography, its systems, and structures. The city is alive with relationships, stories, ideas, questions, images, conversations and invitations to action.

This workshop is an introduction to systemic constellations. This is a powerful tool to tap into a group’s collective wisdom, to reveal unconscious or hidden dynamics, and to offer new perspectives to deal with challenges. It’s a way of creating a living map, bringing the voice of a place or a whole system with all its parts together – so that we can see and understand more about how the parts interact to create a whole system. It will help us understand the systemic dynamics of the city at work through us as individuals, and as groups of people. What invisible dynamics are at play? How can we look systemically, and not just at our piece of the whole?

This interactive workshop will offer you:
experience of ‘systemic constellations‘
collective reflection on how to apply its basic principles to your day-to-day work
teaching on looking through a systemic lens
and deeper insights into the systemic nature of individual and organisational issues.
Bring your questions, ideas, and topics – but most of all, bring your curiosity and your self to this shared learning space. Also open to people outside of Leeds!

Date:9.30am-­‐4.30pm, Tuesday 12th June, 2012

Venue: Ebor Court, Westgate, Leeds, LS1 4ND

people from large organisations £90
those from small organisations £60
and individuals/unwaged £40.
But we don’t want cost to be a barrier to your participation, so please talk to us if you feel you would like to come but aren’t able to find the fee.

Other than that, all queries and bookings should please be directed in email to Valerie, or on 0113 2681656.
Hosted by T4P (Together for Peace + friends.

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