(just a few... and most recent on top. I should add to this list more regularly!)

Killing in the Name of Identity; Vamik Volkan
Reinventing Organizations; Frederic Laloux
Trauma Trails. Recreating Song Lines; Judy Atkinson
De Wereld Redden, Michel Bauwens en Jean Lievens
Zaïd Hassan; The Social Labs Revolution
David Graeber; The Democracy Project. A History, a Crisis, a Movement
Jean Gebser; The Ever Present Origin
Charles Hartshorne; Creative Synthesis & Philosophic Method
Jorge N. Ferrer; Revisioning Transpersonal Theory. A Participatory Vision of Human Spirituality
David Abram; Becoming Animal. A, Earthly Cosmology
William Isaacs; Dialogue and the art of thinking together. A pioneering approach to communicating in business and in life.
Christina Baldwin; Calling the circle. The first and future culture.
Beck and Cowan; Spiral Dynamics. Mastering values, leadership, and change.
Dee Hock; Birth of the chaordic Age.
Joseph Jaworksi; Synchronicity. The inner path of leadership.


Online communities that I am involved in:
- Women Moving the Edge online community - the action research project that led to Collective Presencing (practice and model) - now closed!
- Art of Hosting - general website with description of what it is and announcements new trainings
- Art of Hosting online community with lots of juicy conversations, tons of videos and articles
- Powers of Place Initiative: website with research, papers and lots of links
- Powers of Place community site, called The Field; with great videos, pictures and conversations
- The World Café online commmunity
- Collective Wisdom Initiative

Links to blogs that I follow... I have given up on updating this list, as they change too much over time. Some that are mentioned on my (old) blog Seeds for a Happy Planet are still valid...

A site that has offered a lot of good inspiration, many years ago but still valid: Dialog on leadership