My Vision

Our world needs wise leaders, …

leaders with a vision for and of the whole; with a connection between purpose and feeling. Not emotional, but with the heart in the right place. Leaders who get the best out of themselves and others; who have themselves discovered while muddling through, what is their highest potential. Not their highest intellectual capacity; not their best character trait; but the essential, the unique, the self-evident, that is a servant and sees beyond. Much further than ordinary thinking; beyond the known frames and theories… to perceive the complex systems; the inner knowing of invisible dynamics with an eye for the mystery, life itself.


…and communities.

Places where you can feel at home, where you can talk about what matters, where creativity is welcomed. Not the old idea of a community, where everything ‘should be’ possible; not the limiting, social control of a typical village; but space for authenticity and connection. Authenticity: voicing and doing your own thing; your facet of the whole. Connectedness which welcomes disturbance, which enjoys other experiences and viewpoints; which stands for true dialogue: the experience of the whole, including you and me – and everything.


Leadership: from within…

is talking and acting out of an inner reference point, independent of the expectations of others, connected with your own source. Living your inner leadership where you are: with colleagues, among friends, in your family… Awareness is growing that we can only change something what is 'out there', if we change ourselves. (see Coaching) This was already stated by Confucius ages ago: The first requirement for a leader is to know himself.


…and collective

As we become aware of the complexity of the world and we feel the exponential rate of change in our daily life, our certainty grows that it is impossible for one man or woman to manage it all, to see clearly what is the best place to go next. We need all the facets of the gem for the leadership of the future. The group will lead itself, together. The collective will be leading. No longer only one guy who is supposed to know it all or to know better or to have the brightest vision. It will be a celebration of diversity (see Hosting and facilitation) at the highest level of business and leadership.



These beautiful words about leadership and community don't mean anything in the world or in your daily life, if you cannot experience them. To act out of inner leadership - to humbly bow to your values and principles in every situation - you can only embody it by doing it.


...and integrating

Doing this, making the choices over and over again makes you congruent, makes you whole. All levels of being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) need attention and space for growth and transformation; in your personal, inner experience and in the outer world of connecting with others. The right brain - the intuition, the emotions, the body - needs to be balanced with analysis, structure and purpose. Otherwise no wise leaders will emerge, no community will survive. Experiencing and integrating is the key to lasting change. Insights, values need to be embodied, incorporated. If a new insight is only a mental concept and not visible in the action, no transformation has happened. If my values are only words and not guiding my day to day life, nothing will happen.

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