Mini Women Moving The Edge

Mini - Women Moving the Edge

Solstice - June 21 evening and June 22 daytime


You are invited, as women, to move the edge of consciousness, through collectively inquiring into this question, from the presence of Source:
How do we learn more about the embodied experience of the subtle
- to reach (collective) clarity in right timing and right place
to generate a new way of being?


Women Moving the Edge is a collective, integral practice. Women participating in this program are invited to come to a place of Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will. From this quality of individual alignment and authenticity, we share with each other in the circle, through verbal and nonverbal means. Sensing, speaking and acting from Source is a feminine way of knowing we can all reconnect with.


This culminates in a collective field of attention, a holding space from where we connect with our guiding question. We are called, each time, to gather around an unmanifest potential. Seeking to explore that potential, we have developed the practice of collective sourcing.


Women Moving the Edge is a continuous process and what we are invited to collectively sense into is ever widening and deepening. There is an inner, subtle world within our world that we can interact and co-create with and this interpenetrates our physical reality.


To practice being present to subtle realms in this way, Presencing Circles (evenings) to ‘seed the field’ are being held on the North Shore of MA for local residents prior to this gathering. Let us know if you would like to join us as we build the energy for this fun celebration.


Women Moving the Edge invites Wholeness of Knowing

From experience we realize that we can know so much more when engaging from our wholeness. We invite all forms of art, movement, poetry, song – the many ways that enhance our senses and tap into our subtle knowing. Bring your talents, childlike wonder, and any materials you/we need!


Collective Sourcing / Presencing means multi-tasking:
You are a participant in the unfolding process.
You are an observer of the place where your actions and ideas come from.
You are tuned into the collective and subtle field that you are engaged in.
You are a leader of the process, like all other participants in the circle.


This program offers you:
A deep ground for practice in being fully present.
A rare experience of being in a truly generative and co-creative space.
An experience of healing and deeper entry to your full potential.
An opportunity to contribute to this inquiry in service of wisdom and global evolution.


As your hosting team we do not facilitate, rather we host this collective, emergent process. We do this by engaging ourselves fully in the collective inquiry. Our intention is for emergence to happen and we apply our mastery and offer teachings wherever needed and useful.


Your hosts: Judy Wallace, Lisa Abby and Ria Baeck


Dates: Tuesday June 21, 5pm - 9pm & Wednesday June 22, 9 am - 7 pm.


Venue: Essex Conference Center and Retreat, Essex MA. There is no overnight stay included in this program, but can be arranged if you wish.


Fee: Includes both evening & day gathering, dinner June 21, lunch and dinner June 22
Early Bird - $200 if received prior to June 10, 2011
Basic - $235
Basic Plus - $295 This option gives you the opportunity to further support the hosting team and to provide possible scholarships for others.


Registration and Payment
Please complete the separate registration form and email to Judy Wallace.
Payment can be made by check, cash, or PayPal. Check is preferred.
If the fee is not affordable for you, please talk with Judy about a potential scholarship.


Registration Form to download


Information: You still have questions? Call Judy (1)978-283-8183 or Lisa (1)505-603-7366.


Join and enjoy our online community and consider Ria’s Constellation workshop the next day, June 23, also at the Essex Center.


We look forward to welcoming you soon. Your hosting team,
Ria, Judy, and Lisa

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