Leadership Inside-Out

This leadership training was run as an open training from October '05 till April '06. We had a high diversity of participants, from age 26 till 78! We had a lot of fun and learned many things. To continue the learning process we set up a Leertraject Systeem Intelligentie.

Leadership Inside-Out

Contemporary leadership skills

(or how to make sense of the modern world and stay balanced whilst navigating)
Key words : Training – Mentoring – Transformation – Leadership Network 2006

Invitation from Ria Baeck, Julian Still and Rein Timmermans

The wisdom in this small phrase has deep meaning for our holistic selves: as friend, parent, boss, lover, and human being .

Everyday life is more enjoyable and fulfilling, more interesting and effective, when we can be a leader for those around us, based on our simplest - innermost thoughts, feelings and desires, and in turn, when we know when and how to be lead.

By arriving at our authentic selves, clear of clutter and baggage, there is real fulfilment - enabling a significant increase in contribution in our work and at home.
To help our co-workers to achieve their potential, we need first to check out our own nooks and crannies, which in itself is an exciting and endless voyage of discovery, as we find hidden qualities, and unexpected opportunities leading to a richer more fulfilling life.

With this training we are aiming at people who know somehow, inside, that money is not enough, that we need better relationships, new ideas on work and organisation, more wisdom and a holistic integration of love and rationality, of male and female, and of ourselves in our evolutionary context.

This training aims to be a transforming experience; not just another one-off session, but a series of enriching experiences followed up by individual coaching and group work, to ensure the new insights and skills are well embedded and continue to develop personal growth and effectiveness.

This training is for leaders looking to share and learn new insights into personal and group development, both for their own purposes and to be of greater service to those around them, because they know they form an undividable whole.

Emergent leadership

The underlying methodology is emergence, which means that each group creates its own path through the models, tools, reflective and practical work which are provided according to your needs, learning as we journey to trust emergent leadership.

The four basic cycles are self, other people, groups and evolution. These are underlying thematic structures, which are woven together naturally.

What will you learn?

• An overall perspective of cutting edge thinking on leadership, change and its practical application.
• More effective interventions in various domains of life and work
• A basic attitude towards more ethical and soulful entrepreneurship
• How to improve your personal maturity, authority and leadership profile
• Fresh perspectives not achievable with analytical, left brain thinking
• New insights into how to take sensitive decisions and resolve conflicts

Who will you meet?

Likeminded leaders, open to what comes next and looking to share their knowledge and experiences with the growing community of transforming leaders.

Most likely areas to be covered:

Body and movement
Stories and storytelling
Spiral Dynamics
Inner reflections
Systemic Constellations
Dance and creativity
Rituals and resonance
Collective intelligence
4R Relationships
Having fun together
Circle conversations
Collective wisdom


- 9 emergent training days: 3 x 2-day units (2 at the start; 1 at the end) and 3 whole days in between
- 2 coaching calls (tel; max. 45 min) or one individual coaching session of 1,5 hours with an individual coach
- welcome and pauses with tea, coffee, juice and biscuits
- Lunch entirely prepared on site with bio products (special requirements possible)
- home circles: in-between group meetings without structured leadership
- Overnight stays are included in the 2-day sessions, in tastefully renovated individual or small group bedrooms.


an amazingly tranquil 18th century venue full of peace and natural energy.
Heerlijckhyt van Elsmeren, Weg op Halen 2, 3450 Geetbets (near Diest)
+32 (0)11 69.68.75

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Read the reports of this training (in Dutch)

As a follow-up we scheduled a similar training in Dutch, in a different format. Please get in contact when you are interested in any English version.

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