Hosting Meaning In Place

The art of hosting Meaning in Place

25-28 May 2009

Axladitsa - Greece

What do we know - as hosts of places and initiatives - about the relationship between the powers of place and cultivating our collective capacity to create a life-affirming world?
What is possible – as conscious service to the world – if we connect places of power to one another?

We invite you into a collective inquiry of the art of hosting Meaning in Place – exploring why more and more of us - whether in urban or rural locations - are being called to:
• Host physical places such as learning & retreat centres, hubs, eco villages, etc.
• Convene people in organisations and communities to meet our complex issues systemically
• Bring greater meaning into our close relationships, contexts and family systems

There are three lines of inquiry that we wish to focus on:
• Artful hosting of meaning in Learning/Retreat Centres, etc: What do we know, as stewards of particular places, about the relationship between our practices and the powers of the place?
• Initiatives/Connection in Communities of Location: How does being conscious of the place strengthen the meaning of these initiatives and our ability to work with complexity?
• Work/Innovation Spaces or Hubs: How do these urban places and the spaces they provide, impact our capacity to be innovative in the environments we live and work in?

The art of hosting Meaning in Place is intended for hosts of places/spaces, leaders, consultant, managers, mothers, fathers, young people, and pioneers.

Download Registration Form for Standard, Non-profit/Independent Fees, including Early Bird rates. To Register: email the completed form to Axladitsa.

Your Hosting Team
We are a group of practitioners who work in places of learning, organisations and communities, hosting newness that creates resilience and sustainability. We are curious about how hosting meaning in place – individually and collectively – impacts what we practice, how we practice and where, so we can transform the contexts we are in.

Ria Baeck
Jackie Cahi: Kufunda Learning Village
Lieven Callewaert: email
Gabriele Dohndorf: website
Simone Poutnik: The Hub
Steve Ryman: email
Mary Shippy: email
Maria Skordialou: Axladitsa
Sarah Whiteley: Axladitsa

Remember: Hosting Meaning in Place is the third and final collective inquiry of the Axladitsa Immersion – 11-28 May 2009. For further information – see website

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