Embody Your Calling

Embodying (Y)our Calling

Co-Apprenticing into Mastery

Using storytelling, systemic constellation work and body-awareness in service of evolution.


with Ria Baeck & Mary Alice Arthur


The world feels like it is hanging in the balance, as the stories we’ve been carrying within our global field are changing.


How do you keep a sense of yourself and maintain your wellbeing when everything around you seems to be shifting?
How can you work and live from your wholeness, your fullness or calling – as you understand this is asked from us in these times – and how would it be if that were more fulfilling and fun?
What is your calling and why does it seem so hard to identify it? And if you’ve found it, why is it so hard to align to it?

Reaching out for more integration and deeper potential stirs things up, you get triggered, you feel blocked. How do you integrate this shadow, when the very things you need to bring to light may be invisible to you? Answers lie in the storylines you carry — for yourself and for us as humanity — both the ones you are aware of, and the ones that lie hidden inside of you. They are the path that takes you toward embracing the shadow, only to find that your greatest gifts are already within you waiting to be illuminated, and your new story is waiting to be born.

The guiding question in this program will be: How do we listen, watch and engage each other into wholeness and mastery?

Storytelling and systemic constellation work are both embodied, systemic ways to look at the stories you’re living in and living out. These ways of working allow us to go deeply into the nature of our own reality and at the same time feel safely held and able to see our true nature. In times past, people would work alone with a therapist, who acted as mentor and guide, but now we can learn to do this for and with each other. Our intention is to uncover and recover the ways we can support each other and ourselves into wholeness.

This work is about giving yourself a gift of precious insight. The more you know about your story in the shadow, the more it will reveal about your calling. The more you bring to light and make conscious, the more wholeness resides in you. The call now is for apprenticing to master your own calling and supporting others to apprentice to theirs. This way we become ‘masters in training’ with each other; the community takes back its role in healing. We become a generative field together allowing each of us to embrace what our calling demands from us. And as we each come to wholeness, something new arises for us collectively as well.

We’ll be working individually, in small groups and as a full group to help each other see the power and connections within our stories and our lives. We will help each other build the capacities we need for transformation, mastery and wholeness. We will see what new stories are ready to be birthed and embodied, both individually and collectively. The tools we will be using are storytelling and the midwifing of stories, systemic constellation work, where personal and systemic issues can be portrayed and worked with, and body awareness, helping us to find where our stories are lodged, stuck or flowing in our bodies.

Over the 2.5 days of the workshop, you will have time both to engage directly with others and to reflect on your own, opening to, deepening, and embracing the riches inside. Working this way takes courage, but there is also lightness and fun in this journey. And we will be going there together.


Your facilitators
Ria Baeck I am a long-time self-employed psychotherapist and I combine deep compassion, bodily awareness and a lust for life. I also have a passion for emergent tools and technologies, like the Circle and Systemic Constellations. My focus is always on the here-and-now; doing the action right now instead of talking about it. I’m always seeking to bring deep transformation in individuals, organisations and society to unleash the unmanifested potential.

Mary-Alice Arthur I am a travelling storyteller and narrative practitioner. I have been working with groups of all kinds for more than a decade and have been involved in both personal and organizational transformation work. Right now I’m working on the concept of the StoryField and the capabilities that lie within it, exploring how story shapes and directs our lives, our perceptions of the world and our actions in it and I’m fascinated by the concept of stewardship and eldership. Some of the time I’m based in New Zealand and some of the time wherever I am called for. website


Workshop details
The workshop will be residential. Our venue is the beautiful Kasteel Nieuwenhoven, about an hour outside Brussels and easily accessible by car or train. It is an eco location with beautiful grounds, simple shared accommodation and delicious food.

We will begin at 14:00 on Friday 29 April and end the workshop on Sunday 1 May at 17:00. The workshop will be conducted in English.


The workshop fee
We offer different prices, for different financial situations:
- Standard/corporate Fee: €701,80 (121,80 VAT incl.)
Early Bird – received prior to March 27, 2011 Fee: €631,62 (€109,61 VAT incl.)
- Independent/non-profit Fee: €411,40 (€71,40 VAT incl.)
Early Bird – received prior to March 27, 2011 Fee: €370,26 (€64,26 VAT incl.)
- If the fee is not affordable for you, please start a conversation with us.

Lodging, including all meals
- Shared room, 2 nights: €125,- (no VAT)
- 5 person room: €115,- (no VAT)


Contact me on +32-473 50 21 76 or via email for information when needed, or send the registration form with full details.

Registration Form to download
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