Edge Of Collective Sourcing

To read some of the harvest of this gathering you can look either on my blog, or on the online community space of Axladitsa.
A similar gathering will be planned in 2010!

The Edge of Collective Sourcing

16-19 March 2009

Axladitsa-Avatakia, Pelion Greece

Are you called to join us?
We hear a call telling us that it is time to learn new competences. In order to live fully in a world with more complexity and ever more uncertainty, we know that we have to go beyond what we already know. Whatever context we find ourselves in – the corporate world, public sector, non-profits or engaging in our communities - we need to learn to hold many levels of paradox, conflict and disturbance, so that we can create an opening for emergence to arise. We know that we need to lay a new, collective track and learn together new ways of co-sensing, co-presensing and co-creating in order to give form to the possibility that resides in our shifting world.

Collective Sourcing is what we are keen to inquire into further – and practice with others
The four of us have been practicing this for some time now. We have attentively been watching what happens when our will is opened intentionally – besides our mind and heart - and is held and practiced collectively. It invokes real emergence, whereby something totally new arises. This is a practice of intentional evolution. It combines the rigor of inquiring and the co-arising from a deep place of inner knowing, from Source. It allows us to manifest the new possibility residing in increasing levels of complexity and invites emergence beyond our imagination. We see the practice of Collective Sourcing taking us to the edge of our human consciousness and our humanness.

Who are we inviting and where?
We are hosting this inquiry and invite you to join us. We invite you - leaders, teams, politicians, entrepreneurs, hosts, peace builders, teachers, parents, young people, elders, all - to inquire with us in a four-day gathering – and to practice this art-form at Axladitsa-Avatakia, a 24 acre olive farm in Pelion, Greece – a place in the heart of nature, that calls us to deepen our intention, sharpen our focus and collectively presence the new. On this special land with clear intention we will hold this deep collective space. Please join us…!

Who we are - Your Co-hosting team
Sarah Whiteley: email, Axladitsa website
Ria Baeck: email
Judy Wallace: email, Judy's blog
Maria Skordialou: email, Axladitsa website

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