Conscious Embodiment

We are proud to announce the coming of Wendy Palmer to the Kingsmill. Wendy is a real master in personal transformation, using aikido and bodywork as entry gates for her work. Sorry to say, but this workshop is now fully booked!!! Level 1 and level 2 workshops will be programmed in Autumn '09, see Calender on Kingsmill website.

This workshop contributes in a great way to the unfolding vision and mission at the Kingsmill, being a place of nourishment for 'Meaningful Life'.

Together with a broad network of practitioners, partner-organizations and supporters of our work, we are now ready to serve those who want to enrich their lives and the life of their communities and organizations.

CommunityIntelligence, in co-creation with Vitis, initiated to bring the workshop on Conscious Embodiment to Europe and to the Kingsmill Learning Center.

Look forward connecting with all of you that feel inspired to be part of this experience. For more details, see below.

The Intuitive Body

A Conscious Embodiment Level 1 Workshop

with Wendy Palmer

March 27 – 28, ‘09, Kingsmill

Although centering is a simple practice it can have a powerful effect. When our energy is organised in a different way we think different kinds of thoughts and we have access to different kinds of information. Our centred self has access to understanding and information that is found through our intuition, the universal data bank. This part of us is wise and creative in addressing some of the personal and global challenges we are facing.

Centre sees a bigger picture and recognises the fundamental truth of interconnection. We are connected by the space we share. If we are willing to take a scientific point of view we can recognize that the space is not only a connector it is also a source of intelligence and information.

It takes practice to train our attention to reference on the spaces rather than the objects and concepts. If we don't develop this alternative reference point we will be caught in the limited world of our personality. Personality finds validity in people, objects and concepts and so it desires control, safety and approval. Our personality has access to a limited amount of creativity and intuition because it is too busy trying to become secure, to keep control.

To access this wisdom we must be able to suspend the personality's need to feel safe and centre ourselves. When we are centred we naturally open ourselves to the universal wisdom inherent in our basic intuition and deeper knowing.
We can use "yes....and...." to work with our concerns and frustrations. “Yes, I may be concerned about our political situation and I am willing to be interested in other people's point of view even if I don't agree with them. I practice this so I can model the way I would like others to engage with me. Even if they don't agree with me I would like them to be willing to consider my point of view”.

Centre allows us to tolerate differences and engage life with an eye toward plurality rather than buying into our personality's need to have everyone agree with us. Our centred self becomes our ally, a supporter that enables us to remain open and interested in what is possible rather than retreating into a world of fear and resentment.

Wendy Palmer

Wendy Palmer has been teaching classes and workshops in Conscious Embodiment for over twenty-eight years. She is a sixth degree Black Belt in Aikido and she teaches at Aikido of Tamalpais in Sausalito, California. Wendy is author of two books: The Intuitive Body: Discovering the Wisdom of Conscious Embodiment and Aikido (North Atlantic Press, 1994) and The Practice of Freedom: Aikido Principles as a Spiritual Guide (Rodmell Press, 2002). She offers coaching in embodied leadership for individuals, groups and teams. Her clients include, Genentech, DaimlerChrysler, Oracle, McKinsey, NASA, Pfizer, The US Forest Service, and John F. Kennedy University.

What is Conscious Embodiment?

Conscious Embodiment is a practice derived from the revolutionary non-aggressive martial art of Aikido.

This practice allows us to unify the energy of the body and thus learn to trust our sensations, which are the basis of bodily intuition and wisdom. Using principles from Aikido and other spiritual practices, people come to understand their mental and emotional habits of attention and develop additional choices for being effective.
Conscious Embodiment offers a way to discover intuitive knowledge through simple “physical – mental” exercises. These practices will help you:
• Uncover the wisdom of your intuition
• Become more focused
• Experience stability under pressure
• Deepen your capacity for relationship
• Become an insightful leader
• Develop greater flexibility
• Strengthen your capacity for radiance and generosity
• Have more energy


Friday 27 (from 10.00 till 20.00) – Saturday 28 (from 9.00 till 17.00) March 2009

Limited Numbers

The maximum number of places on this workshop is 22.


King’s Mill, Brouwerijstraat 68, Landen, Belgium.


Participation and Accommodation:(dinner included on Friday 27 March)
€370,- (+21% VAT)
Reduction for social-profit and independents: €270,- (+21% VAT)
Overnight stay on March 27:
Single room: €50,- (+6% VAT)
Double room: €30,- (+6% VAT)
If the fee is not affordable to you, start a conversation with us.


Fill in the registration form and mail it to Ria Baeck.
Receipt of payment confirms your booking.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of this workshop please contact us at +32 (0) 473 50 21 76.


Lieven Callewaert & Judith Heezen - Founders of Kingsmill
Ria Baeck - Workshop organizer, harvesting & hosting coach, Vitis

George Pór - Workshop initiator, transformation facilitator, executive mentor

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