Collective Intelligence Practitioners Initiative

CIPI Holland

CIPI (Collective Intelligence Practitioners Initiative) is the working title of a group of practitioners passionate about the possibilities of Collective Intelligence.
The first group started in Denmark and now we try to do the same for the Dutch speaking part of Europe.

The starting focussing question was:
“What will it take to create a context, a container, for a web of ongoing conversations to move the edge of evolution in our daily life and work?”

A convening group formed:
Jan Nouwen, Ralph Freelink, Alain Volz, Thierry de Wijn, Adriaan Bertens, Fred van Heukelom, Ingrid Weurman, Ria Baeck.

The first meeting happened early July 2006, and instead of talking 'about' creating a network, people wanted to dive right away in the experience of Collective Intelligence itself. So the focussing question became: “What happens when we engage in a field of conversations on an ongoing basis and share this inquiry with more and more people?”.

Jan wrote:
"Happy to tell you that we had our first CIPI-meeting yesterday with a smaller group of 'conveners'. What happend was, that building a netwerk was not the issue, but the inquiry from the middle. All of us wanted to do it, here and now. And then the question arose how to upscale this inquiry. So we are not talking about a network for this kind of inquiry, but already doing it. Next time we simply invite more people and so on. So not the network is leading for the process, but the (ongoing) inquiry. And that makes me a very happy man."

A next meeting happened September 15, 2006.

After that different people (in the Netherlands) stayed in contact and linked each other's initiatives around dialogue. You can read the site of Kees Voorberg or Ralph Freelink.

If you want to know more about Collective Intelligence, one good source is this blog.

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