I get enthused with every process to co-create and innovate; with giving life to the new and the not born yet. I don't offer services or techniques, they only can be a tool in the process of co-creating.

The process of co-creation,
be it in individual mentoring,
in orienting a team to a new vision,
in leading all stakeholders to a shared future
needs certain qualities;
in you and me and in all partners.

I live these qualities whenever we engage and I invite and train you or your group to become better at it as we go.

Be present: knowing were you stand now, ackowledging how things are in the moment, act with integrity; and knowing where you come from, appreciating the history of your organisation and your culture, coming to terms with your family. Being present in your body, in your senses and your intuition; to balance the mental knowing with inner and direct knowing.

Deeper listening and talking: We cannot create - co-create - the new when we are stuck in our own viewpoint, our own knowing. The world we live and work in is changing rapidly and gets more complex that we need all the pieces of the puzzle. Listening is a deep art, far from being known in our current business world. It includes re-direction of attention and the ability to suspend deep held beliefs. The quality of listening determines the quality of the conversation, which in itself is crucial to unearth the new possibilities and opportunities. We can host these meaningful conversations for little groups, big groups, whole systems and everything in between.

Expand: think out of the box; integrate shadow aspects that were hidden; invite new movements in your body to become open and sensible for new information. Go on a journey to different cultures; have a conversation with people in other areas of business; be curious.

Integrate: the knowing and the not-knowing; the heart, the head and the hands; the real time and online conversations; the beauty and the profit; social engagement and efficiency and much more!

Be authentic: I'm really conviced that becoming more authentic, as individual and as an organisation, is at the core of the new. It is an unfolding story to reveal our true competences and unique features. Only authentic beings can engage in real co-creation, can create something greater than themselves, something powerful and purposeful for the world.

Innovation and transformation: all these qualities lead inevitably to innovation and true transformation. I will be transformed by innovating new ways of using my knowledge and expertise for your specific situation and you will be transformed by the new ways of working with your colleagues. New structures of working together and organising can be born: innovation for the good of the whole.

The process of co-creation is a never ending story. These qualities and the process of using them is ongoing. My intent is to give you enough exercises so that these qualities get ingrained, get mastered and that you can go from there on your own.

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